Step 2: Connecting the power to your 360

Now we need to plug the XBOX360 into its new power supply. To do this you will need:
*the xbox360 power brick

*new atx power supply or one you salvaged from an old computer

*electrical tape , scissors or knife

& for the cooling mod you will need:
*4X80mm or 70mm pc case fans

*zip ties or twist ties(wire covered in paper or plastic)

*some cardboard from a cerial box

Step 1: Take your 360 power brick and cut the power cord off. You can now keep the brick so you can destroy it later or just throw it in the garbage.

Step 2: Take the power cord you cut off the power brick and strip about 15cm(6')'of the gray insulation off exposing 8 wires inside: 3 black(ground), 3 yellow(+12v), 1 red(+5v) , and 1 blue. Strip about 10cm(4) of insulation off each of the wires EXCEPT THE BLUE WIRE! THE BLUE WIRE IS USED BY THE XBOX360 TO "TALK" TO THE 360 POWER BRICK, Then twist the 3 black wires together. Then do the same to the yellow wires.

Step 3: Take the atx power supply and cut off the 20/24pin connector, the 4pin or 8 pin motherboard connector and the 6pin or 8 pin PCI-E connectors and make sure all the newly exposed wires are untangled and cut the same length.

Step 4: Group the black(ground), yellow(+12v) and red(+5v) wires together. If the supply you choose does not have a switch you will need to keep the green wire and a black wire to make one. Cut the rest of the wires off till about 10cm(4) is left sticking out the back of the supply.

Step 5: Strip enough insulation off each of the wires so the wires of the same color can be twisted together. the final step is to twist the yellow wires of the power supply to the yellow wires of the XBOX360 power cord together. then use the electrical tape and covert wires so they are insolated from the others. Do the same with the black and red wires then cover all the wires in tape

Congratulations, you've just finished the hardest part of this instructable now onto the last step.
jj_13 years ago
Hi ps3_soldier. I'm using a 350W ps rated at 12V / 20A / 240W and 5V / 33A / 175W. I only spliced the wires feeding the molexes (total 4 black, 2 yellow, 2 red), leaving the 20-pin motherboard connector intact. My reasoning is that the wires in the xbox ps seem to be the same gauge or smaller than the molex wires in the atx ps, plus I didn't want to cut more wires than I needed to. The xbox starts fine, but eventually gets the red rings. Does my way not provide enough juice to the xbox and therefore the red rings? Will splicing the 20-pin connector help, or is there a problem with the atx ps? Thanks for your help.
tdykes14 years ago
Isnt the 5v wire from the xbox plug actually 5vsb? Would it not be better to plug it into the purple wire from the atx supply?
What Wattage is the power supply?
ugis10005 years ago
Hey , how to solder the needed wires to their respected pins ?
i don't know ! :(
i need pc power supply for my xbox 360 xenon !