ATX power supply for an Xbox360 and Xbox 360 cooling mod!

Step 3: Giving life to your power supply

Twist the green wire together with a black wire and the power supply will come to life, then hit the power button on the XBOX360 and game on!
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marilandita3 years ago
Just tried this yesterday and I was afraid of powering it on today, mine is a PAL xbox, and had 4 yellow 4 black cables. I also joined the green and black directly because I didn't have a switch at hand but it did turn on :D.
Thanks man!

Here's the pic, I dunno if you can see it but the button is greeeenz!
bbeal13 years ago
just did this to my xbox went to turn on one day and nothing, I just happened to have the exact power supply you used lying around works perfect. many thanks. now to just get rid of the play dvd error if its not one thing its another lol
joshr.cars4 years ago
dude all your fans should be blowing inwards to create positive presser which will maximize cooling
ZeroXL914 years ago
The Xbox doesnt look good with cardboard....should put alluminum foil xD
dubyes5 years ago
i do the same sort of thing as the styrafoam, except i use 2 psp umb cases duct taped together with some nonslip material hot glued to the bottom. the2 umd cases are almost a perfect fit under the xbox.
dubyes dubyes5 years ago