Step 2: Wired (third-party) 360 controller

Picture of Wired (third-party) 360 controller
There are many many different 360 controllers out there. Fortunately, there are people out there who can help you out. Once you have Tattiebogle installed you can add support for more controllers.

After installing Tattiebogle like described in the last step for the wireless controller, download this link and run the command script to update Tattiebogle. This comes from Shoryuken forum member EddDeDuck. The forum post I found this is here.

(Note: found out the link for the command script is now broken. File attached to this step)

You will also need the Joystick Mapper app from the App Store to make this work.

OK, that's it. Have fun.

Im not getting any controller vibration! Did everything like you said and the game runs great with the controller.

Only thing is theres no vibration. Im using a wired Afterglow controller by pdp. Any thoughts?

JoshB68 months ago

Is the Joystick Manager app actually Joystick Mapper? Is it free?

I looked through all the controllers that are supported (trust me, it's hard to find the specific one you have) and mine is there (PowerA Mini Pro EX Blue) but still isn't recognized by Tattiebogle. any help?

i second this