Picture of Use an Xbox 360 Controller as a Mouse
I initially bought an Xbox 360 controller to use with emulators. I found out that not only does it perform the task of mimicking an SNES controller admirably, but with a free program you can use it in place of a traditional mouse. While this might not seem practical, it is handy when you don't have a suitable surface to use a regular mouse on. For example, when the computer you need to operate is hooked up to the TV in your living room running a bunch of emulators. Using a mouse on a couch is harder than you'd think. Also, you can actually navigate Windows more easily by assigning common keyboard shortcuts (such as Alt + F4) to buttons. It's also just a quick, easy project to waste 15 minutes doing.

If this sounds good to you, jump to the next page to find out what you'll need.
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Step 1: What You Need (Hardware)

Picture of What You Need (Hardware)
Surprisingly enough, to use an Xbox 360 controller as a mouse on a computer you need both an Xbox 360 controller and computer. More specifically:

A computer running Windows XP or Vista. Unfortunately, the drivers Microsoft provides are not for earlier versions of Windows. The computer will need one open USB port.

An Xbox 360 wired controller. This costs $40 retail, but you should be able to find it for around $20 online. If you don't already have a wireless controller or you only have one (and want another controller for multiplayer games on your Xbox 360) then the wired controller is the better choice.


An Xbox 360 wireless controller AND an Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver. The wireless controller retails at $60, but again online you should be able to find it for half price. The wireless receiver costs $20 pretty much wherever you buy it. This option is the way to go if you already have a wireless controller or two as it only costs $20.

Now that you have all the hardware, we move onto the software.
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CosmicOak23 days ago
SulimanM1 month ago

will it work with play and charge

Is there any way to ignore miniscule inputs?
My cursor keeps drifting slowly after I stop moving the thumbstick.

That's a glitch with the controller. Try recalibrating it. That might help.

That is not a glitch with the controller, nor does it need to be re-calibrated. After regular use, a joystick will inevitably not always reset to its original position. This is why there is an automatic threshold when connected to an Xbox. This threshold can be modified in JoyToKey's settings. Beside Joystick 1, click on Options. On the bottom half of the page there will be a setting called "Threshold for input." You can appropriately change the threshold for Stick 1 and Stick 2. Its default settings are 2. Suggested settings are anywhere from 10-20, depending on the condition of the joystick.

Set the 'Input Threshold' in the 'Other' tab to 3%
Problem solved!
FethrdWlf5 years ago
Okay, I have an Xbox 360 Wireless Remote with a Charge and Play cord. Will it still work?
DerpyB FethrdWlf2 months ago

The computer detects all USB ports plugged in. It should work.

The Charge and Play Kit only works as exactly what the title suggests: to charge. No data can be passed through the cord. If you want to use a wireless Xbox 360 controller with your PC, you need to purchase a wireless adapter. Next time do a quick Google search before spreading misleading information.

 no, it wont. i tried.

the wireless controllers arent wired to work over USB with a play and charge kit.
you can buy a $20 adaptor

The JoyToKey link is a failed link. Use, instead, because the site linked here contains malware. seems to be the legit site.

julz19814 years ago
is it possible to use the xbox 360 keyboard with joytokey?
that way i can configure the controller to move the mouse and use the keyboard thingy to chat and do other stuff?

DerpyB julz19812 months ago

There's no way to use xbox 360 keyboard with JoyToKey. Sorry. You can move the mouse with it though.

badams73 years ago
I had a 360 but it tore up, one of my favorite games was oblivion, so i got oblivion on my computer and set up the controls to mirror that of the xbox's version, but one problem... the hotkey button is the d-pad, now it took me awhile to figure out how to set it up to show the d-pad, but it is only for up down left and right, how do i make it apply for the diagonal directions for the d-pad?
DerpyB badams72 months ago

There is an 8-way POV/Dpad option in the Joystick options.

whitey1612 years ago
which button is the middle big silver X button?
DerpyB whitey1612 months ago

I don't think the Xbox controller X button is compatible with JoytoKey. I've checked.


That would be the Xbox Guide button. I guess you're new here.
UmitG7 months ago

Guys i have a problem with the configuration of my right stick of my controller.

Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0) Mouse horizontal -100
Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0) Mouse horizontal 100

Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0) Mouse vertical 100

Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0) Mouse vertical -100

I cannot look around with my right stick on my controller... I use "Thrustmaster dual analog 4" can anyone please help me out?

DerpyB UmitG2 months ago

What do you mean by look around?

If you're trying to move the mouse on it, you should go to mouse then move the horizontal or vertical mouse option up, down, left or right.

How am i suppose bind the mouse to the controller?

Double click on the button you want to use the mouse for on your controller, go to "mouse" and move the mouse cursor option (either one) to go left, right, up or down. Example: If you want the right POV key to move the cursor right, you'd go there, move the horizontal line right. If you want the POV key to move the cursor up, you'd do the same, but move the vertical line up.

Be warned, I dunno why, but the mouse scrolling feature is reversed. Up on the scroll option is to go down.

controller isn't working, it works on desktop, but when switched to league it doesn't respond, does joytokey even work with latest pach?


It works for me on the fullscreen steam games I play. Does whatever you're trying to go on remove other processes and windows so that it runs faster? If it does, disable it if you can.

WilliamH92 months ago

The JoyToKey link gives me a malware warning from Chrome.

AdamJ32 months ago

Check out Xbox2Mouse

FormidableF2 months ago

Thanks man! My laptop's mousepad went bonkers, so I gave it my wired mouse from my PC. My PC is now controlled by my controller. Yay!

Thank you! I made it in 5 min (+5min for small correction in cfg). Good Job

EthanBl5 months ago

Is there a way to assin the print screen

Luseferous5 months ago

Hi and first of all thank you for your post. It works quite well on my Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, except for 2 issues:

1. the mouse cursor is invisible on the desktop. I am able to select stuff and launch programs but I don't see any mouse cursor. I assume this is due to the PC being a tablet

2. in Morrowind the cursor appears (no cursor is visible when gamepad is not connected) but refuses to move. I know the gamepad is working, because I can use it to skip the intro. I tried launching both Joytokey and Morrowind as Administrator as suggested below, but it didn't help

Do you have any idea what I could do?

really good article and nice find :) but yes, xpadder I think is a bit easier to use and can also turn a controller into a mouse.

Danelson3 years ago
I was having a problem where the controlled would work on my desktop, but in some games, and on any menus that needed administration permission, it wouldn't react at all.
However, I finally figured it out.
Close the program, go to the program, right click on the program then click run as administrator. Problem solved.
Again, this is to fix the controller being non-responsive when your computer pops up a message saying "Your permission is needed to continue" or in games where it won't react at all.
JustinP1 Danelson7 months ago

Thanks Danelson! That was so helpful! the controller being non responsive was the main issue for me here!

Try Xbpad from Its app developed by me, it has good looking and simple to use gui and many built in features.

cmunroe110 months ago

HI MAN, how to download your configuration?

I couldn't find it either... Change your language to english and it'll be at the bottom of the page

Hey, this is a great article, but left me with one question could you post a configuration guide?

PieOnPot1 year ago

I signed up an account just so I could comment and say "Thank you" xD - this was perfect, and was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for sharing your configuration file as well - that saved me time and kept me from having to do the "boring" part (haha).

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