Picture of Use an Xbox 360 Controller as a Mouse
I initially bought an Xbox 360 controller to use with emulators. I found out that not only does it perform the task of mimicking an SNES controller admirably, but with a free program you can use it in place of a traditional mouse. While this might not seem practical, it is handy when you don't have a suitable surface to use a regular mouse on. For example, when the computer you need to operate is hooked up to the TV in your living room running a bunch of emulators. Using a mouse on a couch is harder than you'd think. Also, you can actually navigate Windows more easily by assigning common keyboard shortcuts (such as Alt + F4) to buttons. It's also just a quick, easy project to waste 15 minutes doing.

If this sounds good to you, jump to the next page to find out what you'll need.
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Step 1: What You Need (Hardware)

Surprisingly enough, to use an Xbox 360 controller as a mouse on a computer you need both an Xbox 360 controller and computer. More specifically:

A computer running Windows XP or Vista. Unfortunately, the drivers Microsoft provides are not for earlier versions of Windows. The computer will need one open USB port.

An Xbox 360 wired controller. This costs $40 retail, but you should be able to find it for around $20 online. If you don't already have a wireless controller or you only have one (and want another controller for multiplayer games on your Xbox 360) then the wired controller is the better choice.


An Xbox 360 wireless controller AND an Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver. The wireless controller retails at $60, but again online you should be able to find it for half price. The wireless receiver costs $20 pretty much wherever you buy it. This option is the way to go if you already have a wireless controller or two as it only costs $20.

Now that you have all the hardware, we move onto the software.
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controller isn't working, it works on desktop, but when switched to league it doesn't respond, does joytokey even work with latest pach?

Thank you! I made it in 5 min (+5min for small correction in cfg). Good Job

EthanBl2 months ago

Is there a way to assin the print screen

Luseferous2 months ago

Hi and first of all thank you for your post. It works quite well on my Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, except for 2 issues:

1. the mouse cursor is invisible on the desktop. I am able to select stuff and launch programs but I don't see any mouse cursor. I assume this is due to the PC being a tablet

2. in Morrowind the cursor appears (no cursor is visible when gamepad is not connected) but refuses to move. I know the gamepad is working, because I can use it to skip the intro. I tried launching both Joytokey and Morrowind as Administrator as suggested below, but it didn't help

Do you have any idea what I could do?

really good article and nice find :) but yes, xpadder I think is a bit easier to use and can also turn a controller into a mouse.

How am i suppose bind the mouse to the controller?

Danelson3 years ago
I was having a problem where the controlled would work on my desktop, but in some games, and on any menus that needed administration permission, it wouldn't react at all.
However, I finally figured it out.
Close the program, go to the program, right click on the program then click run as administrator. Problem solved.
Again, this is to fix the controller being non-responsive when your computer pops up a message saying "Your permission is needed to continue" or in games where it won't react at all.
JustinP1 Danelson3 months ago

Thanks Danelson! That was so helpful! the controller being non responsive was the main issue for me here!

UmitG4 months ago

Guys i have a problem with the configuration of my right stick of my controller.

Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0) Mouse horizontal -100
Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0) Mouse horizontal 100

Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0) Mouse vertical 100

Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0) Mouse vertical -100

I cannot look around with my right stick on my controller... I use "Thrustmaster dual analog 4" can anyone please help me out?

Try Xbpad from Its app developed by me, it has good looking and simple to use gui and many built in features.

cmunroe17 months ago

HI MAN, how to download your configuration?

I couldn't find it either... Change your language to english and it'll be at the bottom of the page

FrikkinFrosty9 months ago

Hey, this is a great article, but left me with one question could you post a configuration guide?

PieOnPot9 months ago

I signed up an account just so I could comment and say "Thank you" xD - this was perfect, and was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for sharing your configuration file as well - that saved me time and kept me from having to do the "boring" part (haha).

PieOnPot PieOnPot9 months ago

Also, just in case other people have this problem, here is what I did to use his configuration file (as my browser was not giving an option to download the file).

To use his configuration file (what I did):
1. Open JoyToKey
2. Click the "Create" button in the bottom left hand corner --> give it a name
3. Close the program
4. Go to the root location where the "JoyToKey" .exe is stored
5. Look for the profile you just created
6. Right click the profile, and select "Open With --> Notepad"
7. Copy/paste (replace) his configuration text over the profile you created
8. Save and close the notepad document
9 Run JoyToKey --> Select the Profile, and you're good!

How do I download his windows.cfg file? every time I click on it, it opens the file over the internet? As in, no option to download.

To use his configuration file (what I did):
1. Open JoyToKey
2. Click the "Create" button in the bottom left hand corner --> give it a name
3. Close the program
4. Go to the root location where the "JoyToKey" .exe is stored
5. Look for the profile you just created
6. Right click the profile, and select "Open With --> Notepad"
7. Copy/paste (replace) his configuration text over the profile you created
8. Save and close the notepad document
9 Run JoyToKey --> Select the Profile, and you're good!

Your life has been saved!
whitey1611 year ago
which button is the middle big silver X button?
jkctech whitey16110 months ago


That would be the Xbox Guide button. I guess you're new here.
jkucherka1 year ago
I am using a configuration for minecraft and pretty soon I will have a configuration for "onscreen keyboard" use. Just wanted to say what a fantastic job with this. I find it unique to use a 360 controller as a mouse or even a whole key board if you wish. Thanks for these easy to follow instructions. :3 I feel like a master at this now!
XBlaster1 year ago
Does anybody have a great idea what you could use for Guide button, R-stick, both the L&R stick-click and the Y button? I was thinking Right Stick can be directional movement, so using the on-screen keyboard and many icons makes it faster to move instead the pointer. Y button for Esc key. Guide button to serve as the Windows key. Left stick as shift key, like it is on the Xbox 360 on-screen Keyboard. And right stick is the on-screen keyboard enable/disable, so then when you want to do any keyboard command or start typing, just press it.
there is a software that enables you to assign keys on the controller to keys on the keyboard and mouse. Just google xpadder its free and makes this a whole lot easier
Xpadder isn't free. It's $10.
Does this work on Win 8?
Why, yes. Yes it does.
It's a little confusing, but there's a thread about it on MS Answers:

Make sure you use a USB 2.0 port, not a 3.0. Good luck!
smallfri1 year ago
how do i use his config as mine plz help
jhansen211 year ago
I'd just like to say: works great on windows 7 64bit with a slightly dodgy receiver I just bought off ebay... thanks!
fiddydips1 year ago
The link on the microsoft website is dead. I looked around and I found the page we're looking for: and instructions on how to get set up:
cthang2 years ago
to make this work i copied the settings to the existing config overwriting all
cause in my win7 x64 i wasnt able to get the app detecting any of my attempts to set my own. i use a brandnew 360/pc wireless pad and latest ms drivers .After doing so it worked superbly .dunno why i cant make my own.wrote all this with the pad lying in my bed on a 47" tv :D
Dtendo642 years ago
singed up to say this works fine on win 7 also im using an afterglow controller with it.
EpicNinjaaa2 years ago
Could you configure the controller with the keyboard attachment? I want to be able to use stuff like facebook, skype, etc. with the controller too.
You could also use Xpadder
You just download with your favorite torrent downloader.
Great! I'm glad I was able to find this. I was really hoping I could use a controller as a mouse.
One question though, will I be able to use the D pad to switch to presets? I want to be able to quickly switch what buttons do mid-game.
kjames122 years ago
Hey all i have just downloaded it and iv set it all up correctly but it sonstantly moves left or up why is this all is set up to 52 and -52 ect but i cant do anything or playgames sooo....? HELP!
Devil may cry 3 don't recognize joytokey d-pad mapping(xbox360 controller). How to fix this?
articz822 years ago
This works! Thanks! joytokey was never really clear for me, and now i can play for most of my games!
autsweum2 years ago
This AHK script/tool solved it for me
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