Step 4: JoyToKey Basics

Picture of JoyToKey Basics
Make sure your controller is connected and open JoyToKey. The left hand side displays your configurations. You can multiple configurations to use for certain tasks (one for mouse movement, one for gaming, etc.). On the right hand side you'll see a long list that consists of "Button", "Keyboard", "Auto". This is where you define what the buttons (thumbsticks and directional pads count too) do. However, by default this list doesn't show every component of the Xbox 360 controller.

Click the tab on the very right labeled "Others". Here you can change the number of joysticks for this configuration. Adding more joysticks to configure allows the same customization of a separate configuration, but the you can only switch to different joystick configurations (Joystick 1, Joystick 2, etc.) temporarily (while a button is held down) where you can toggle between configurations (press once to switch, press again to switch back). To view the full range of buttons of the Xbox 360 controller click "Use Axes other than X and Y." and "Use POV switches".

Now, push the "Joysticks" tab to switch back to the list. You'll notice a lot more buttons are available for us to configure. Here's a rundown of what each button on the controller is listed as in the list.

Left Thumbstick Left = AxisX(<0)
Left Thumbstick Right = AxisX(>0)
Left Thumbstick Up = AxisY(<0)
Left Thumbstick Down = AxisY(>0)

Right Shoulder = Axis3(<0)
Left Shoulder = Axis3(>0)

Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0)
Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0)
Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0)
Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0)

Directional Pad Up = POV1:UP
Directional Pad Right = POV1:RIGHT
Directional Pad Down = POV1:DOWN
Directional Pad Left = POV1:LEFT

A = Button 1
B = Button 2
X = Button 3
Y = Button 4

Left Bumper = Button 5
Right Bumper = Button 6

Back = Button 7
Start = Button 8

Left Thumbstick = Button 9
Right Thumbstick = Button 10

(For clarification, the last two are achieved by pushing the left or right thumbstick in. They're called L3 and R3 on Playstation controllers, but I don't know if they have a name from Microsoft.)

There are plenty of other options, but what exactly they do I don't know. Using the guide above maps every button (except the Guide button) that I could find so I'm not worried.

The last step will give examples of configurations and provide the files that I use.
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CosmicOak5 months ago
Is there any way to ignore miniscule inputs?
My cursor keeps drifting slowly after I stop moving the thumbstick.

That's a glitch with the controller. Try recalibrating it. That might help.

That is not a glitch with the controller, nor does it need to be re-calibrated. After regular use, a joystick will inevitably not always reset to its original position. This is why there is an automatic threshold when connected to an Xbox. This threshold can be modified in JoyToKey's settings. Beside Joystick 1, click on Options. On the bottom half of the page there will be a setting called "Threshold for input." You can appropriately change the threshold for Stick 1 and Stick 2. Its default settings are 2. Suggested settings are anywhere from 10-20, depending on the condition of the joystick.

FethrdWlf5 years ago
Okay, I have an Xbox 360 Wireless Remote with a Charge and Play cord. Will it still work?
DerpyB FethrdWlf7 months ago

The computer detects all USB ports plugged in. It should work.

The Charge and Play Kit only works as exactly what the title suggests: to charge. No data can be passed through the cord. If you want to use a wireless Xbox 360 controller with your PC, you need to purchase a wireless adapter. Next time do a quick Google search before spreading misleading information.

julz19814 years ago
is it possible to use the xbox 360 keyboard with joytokey?
that way i can configure the controller to move the mouse and use the keyboard thingy to chat and do other stuff?

DerpyB julz19817 months ago

There's no way to use xbox 360 keyboard with JoyToKey. Sorry. You can move the mouse with it though.

badams74 years ago
I had a 360 but it tore up, one of my favorite games was oblivion, so i got oblivion on my computer and set up the controls to mirror that of the xbox's version, but one problem... the hotkey button is the d-pad, now it took me awhile to figure out how to set it up to show the d-pad, but it is only for up down left and right, how do i make it apply for the diagonal directions for the d-pad?
DerpyB badams77 months ago

There is an 8-way POV/Dpad option in the Joystick options.

whitey1612 years ago
which button is the middle big silver X button?
DerpyB whitey1617 months ago

I don't think the Xbox controller X button is compatible with JoytoKey. I've checked.


UmitG1 year ago

Guys i have a problem with the configuration of my right stick of my controller.

Right Thumbstick Left = Axis4(<0) Mouse horizontal -100
Right Thumbstick Right = Axis4(>0) Mouse horizontal 100

Right Thumbstick Up = Axis5(<0) Mouse vertical 100

Right Thumbstick Down = Axis5(>0) Mouse vertical -100

I cannot look around with my right stick on my controller... I use "Thrustmaster dual analog 4" can anyone please help me out?

DerpyB UmitG7 months ago

What do you mean by look around?

If you're trying to move the mouse on it, you should go to mouse then move the horizontal or vertical mouse option up, down, left or right.

Spidermonkeysa12 months ago

How am i suppose bind the mouse to the controller?

Double click on the button you want to use the mouse for on your controller, go to "mouse" and move the mouse cursor option (either one) to go left, right, up or down. Example: If you want the right POV key to move the cursor right, you'd go there, move the horizontal line right. If you want the POV key to move the cursor up, you'd do the same, but move the vertical line up.

Be warned, I dunno why, but the mouse scrolling feature is reversed. Up on the scroll option is to go down.

controller isn't working, it works on desktop, but when switched to league it doesn't respond, does joytokey even work with latest pach?


It works for me on the fullscreen steam games I play. Does whatever you're trying to go on remove other processes and windows so that it runs faster? If it does, disable it if you can.

EthanBl10 months ago

Is there a way to assin the print screen

really good article and nice find :) but yes, xpadder I think is a bit easier to use and can also turn a controller into a mouse.

Devil may cry 3 don't recognize joytokey d-pad mapping(xbox360 controller). How to fix this?
articz823 years ago
This works! Thanks! joytokey was never really clear for me, and now i can play for most of my games!
Danelson3 years ago
I was having a problem where the controlled would work on my desktop, but in some games, and on any menus that needed administration permission, it wouldn't react at all.
However, I finally figured it out.
Close the program, go to the program, right click on the program then click run as administrator. Problem solved.
Again, this is to fix the controller being non-responsive when your computer pops up a message saying "Your permission is needed to continue" or in games where it won't react at all.
I gave this 5 stars USING the xbox controller! :P hahah thanks alot dude!
Huntman004 years ago
does anybody know if it is possible to make it type something if i press start(button 10)

ex......*presses start* Huntman00 says: fdjhgfgkjhguy
alang34 years ago
i do the left thumbstick thing and everythign but it does nothing what do i do?
Lovell135 years ago
My controller is definitely connected but joytokey wont recognize it. What am i missing
you need the microsoft hardware, and turn off joytokey, plug in your controller, then turn it back on( you have to close it , not minimise it
batsou5 years ago
thx for this!!!!
it works great on windows but how to associate it xith a game, cause i can't configurate it on a game!!!!
please can some one hrlp me!!!!
pgibbons batsou4 years ago
basicly, use the left stick as arrow keys (AxisX(<0)= left arrow key AxisX(<0)= riht arrow key e.t.c) and a button as space, and that should cove most games!
djwhitey1235 years ago
 i have the driver installed and joytokey but when i try to configure the controller J2K isnt recognizing the controller or something because it doesnt do anything after i click configure button....i tried using your configuration but i cant seem to find J2K in the root directory. Please someone help
KiroLee5 years ago
Thank you so much for this tutorial.  My only working mouse dropped in my soup and I now find I can play certain games much better with a controller.  EvE Online being the main one.

hellstudios5 years ago
xpadder is a much much easier to use program, you should include it in here.
animekd1015 years ago
will this work with free online games that you download onto your computer?
hey i downloaded that thing on microsoft.com but the joytokey thing how to u make is so u can put like long things like Left Bumper or Left Stick or using the D-pad or just even using your controller for that.
 on the left you will see a tab called Other. Just click on it, then check the three squares.
JCR226 years ago
is there any way to save these settings? Every time i down my computer or unplug the controller, i have to set the whole thing over again.
felcax JCR226 years ago
yes just see the lower left corner press create, do your configuration and it will be saved
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