Use an IPod As a Thumb Drive!!





Introduction: Use an IPod As a Thumb Drive!!

Every had a file that was way to big for your thumb drive? Ever want to transfer large amounts files? Look no further than your iPod!

Step 1: Enable Disk Use

iPods are great for thumb drives becuase they have large amounts of memory, and you can do all of your other regular stuff on it.

Ok this is pretty easy, first connect the ipod, and enable disk use.

Step 2: Open Up the IPod

ok, go to My computer and look for the drive that has your iPods name. Open it up

Step 3: Go to Notes

ok, open the file notes. Once you in ther just plop any file you want in there. To get it back connect it to a computer and follow steps 2-3. Any kind of file will go in there, and nothing happens to your ipod



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    How do you do this on a mac OSX Snow Leopard

    You probably won't be able to use it at school... You know, rules?

    Some schools usually encourage the use of flash drives, but you know, you would know that if you didn't drop out.

    hey can i use a broken ipod as in the screen doesnt work??

    2 replies

    yes, (most of the time) you could even try to reformat it

    probably not

    This Instructable needs not but 1 step: "Enable disk use". Not trying to be offensive, but it's quite an obvious feature.

    1 reply

    yeh i realize its an obvious feature but there are some people out there who don't realize this.

    anyone who dosen't know how to do this needs help

    I got bored and thought of my old broken iPod and came along this and now I have use for it. But, could I take all the files out of where it is located and still be used like it is now?

    2 replies

    it will still function as an ipod, but you can erase all your music and other files off it. Its just a drive so you can put the files anywhere on it.

    Alright. Thank you.

    Isn't this more like a external hd?


    . . . why not just install PortableApps or something similar? Better organisation, cleaner interface, makes much more sense. My 30GB Video's loaded with portable applications from around the web, media files, and anything in general, all categorised under PortableApps's straightforward folders: Music, Pictures, and Video, and then one of my own:Wack.

    2 replies

    whats potable apps, the thing is that the newere ipods are encripted so you can't change around the programing. I'll try these portable apps


    Well, amongst other slightly immoral sites. Basically, in MY eyes ( NOT YOURS, NOT WIKI), a Portable is something you can take with you on any sort of removable media (CDs, DVDs, USBs, external HDDs, internal HDDs etc) that doesn't need installing. Common definition is "blah blah registry blah blah". So yea, enable disk use through iTunes, go to My Computer, and run the .paf files that you can get off PortableApps. I started with the Base Suite, then added my own apps. Does anyone want me to start an instructable on this?

    Awesome! My iPod video broke, so if I get a new one, I'll do this. Nice job, I never thought of this!

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    Hey just wondering would you consider selling your ipod on ebay? Just wondering because you are always talking about how your ipod does not work.