I had an old wine rack gathering dust so i decided to use it as a Tool Rack instead.

Parts Needed:
Top Hat channel used for attaching sheeting to sheds. About $12 AUD for a 2 meter length.
Some old Guttering clips about $0.50 AUD * 8
Screws to suit.

1.Cut legs off Wine rack
2. Attach Top Hat channel to shed wall in appropriate locations to attach wine rack too.
3. Measure and drill holes in the Top Hat for the wine rack legs to fit in. Distance between legs will vary according to the wine rack you are using.
4. Cut the ends off the guttering clips leaving enough room for a screw to be attached to the flat piece (See Pic) about 6 to 8 will be required.
5. Push legs into holes and level
6. Screw the guttering clips in so the round bit holes the frame of the wine rack in place.
7. Insert tools
NOTE: please use your common sense as each wine rack differs, and you need to attach to suit your needs.

Step 1: 1.Cut Legs Off Wine Rack

1.Cut legs off Wine rack
Why didnt you take the top off the wine rack that is not used? It would look better?
I like that the curved top was left in place. I have a tendency to get hung up on any protruding areas and tearing my clothes, cutting myself, tripping or getting swung into another protruding edge. For the safety of children, pets and klutzes, like me, leave the curved top in place. I like the idea of hanging other tools from this portion of the rack. I would use S-hooks and hang them from areas inside the curve.
Thanks for the good idea. I'm about to rip up an old mattress and have been trying to think of something to do with the coil springs, and this may just be one small project that fits the bill. Now once I get a few more ideas for the rest of the springs I can get started on that old mattress!
Personal choice I guess. I felt that I could use it to hang a power cable or pruning shears off it...Due to the construction I can alway easily remove it and make modifications as required.

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