Introduction: Use PcDuino As Photo Booth Controller

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pcDuino can control different SLR cameras such as Nikon D40 through an USB connection using an utility called Gphoto2.

Step 1: Software Installation

The software installation guide is copied from

We install in the following order.

1. Update the system:

 $sudo apt-get update

2. Install the dependencies library:

 $sudo apt-get install pkg-config
$sudo apt-get install libudev-dev

3. Download and run gphot2 installation:

$sudo wget 
$sudo chmod 755
$sudo ./

4. Remove files that prevent camera mounting:

 $sudo rm /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.gtk.Private.GPhoto2VolumeMonitor.service
$sudo rm /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/gphoto2.mount 
$sudo rm /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors/gphoto2.monitor 
$sudo rm /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor

5. Reboot pcDuino.

Step 2: Hardware Installation

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Before we hook up the Nikon D40, we need to configure the USB to be MTP/PTP mode as following:picture1

After we connect the camera to pcDuino. We can command ‘$sudo gphoto2 –auto-detect’ to check if the camera is recognized by gphot2 or not, and run the following to capture image:


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