I've been gifted a old playstation 1 remote one day and wanted to use it on computer and then bought an adapter on ebay wich was defective. So i finally decided to make my own with an arduino duemilanove. I first tried to use use it as a usb controller wich could be better but i needed the next generetion of arduino, the uno. I also tried to use the ps/2 library and emulate a keyboard but it didn't worked. So i finally ended by using the arduino to only send the data in serial to a C# program that i made to emulate the keyboard.

Step 1: Material

For this instructable, you will need:
-An arduino (any board should work)
-Soldering iron and solder or a breadboard
-A 10k resistor
-Any playstation 1 or 2 remote
-A playstation socket (optionnal)
You should try making an iPod or tablet version.
When i hook it up if i only use 3.3v do i still need the 10k resistor

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