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Tupperware is excellent to keep your left overs in the fridge, or even warm them up in the microwave, but long ago I found out that they could be useful in many other ways.

 I've been using tupperware as project enclosures for many of my projects, and they have many advantages:

-They are normally cheaper than conventional project boxes.
-They are found in almost any store, or in the kitchen.
-They seal better.( if you need that feature).
-They are easier to drill or cut.
-They are more flexible so they don't crack when drilling or cutting.
-You can access the inside really quick.
-They look really cool with all the electronics showing.

Some of you already use the tupperware to enclose your projects, here are a few examples:

Solar LED bike bag
Tuperware iPod Boombox
Computer Speaker Conversion
Embed an OEM GPS Into Anything
Garden Pests Detecter
Evaporative Humidifier
Self-watering, Self-regulating Container Garden
Simple "toss lamp"

Thank you for reading, have fun "tupperwaring"!



Gizah (author)2014-10-02

There's a doubt I always had whenever I see an audio project such as a guitar effect pedal or a noisemaker that uses a non-metallic enclosure: doesn't this cause interfence noise?

stephenniall (author)2010-01-16
I use tupperware as Workshop enclosures storage ! 

(well until i started using them as project enclosures)

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