Step 2: set the firmware on the xbees

1.On a PC, download X-CTU

2.With the first Xbee plugged into the Xbee Explorer, and the usb cable connecting it to the computer's USB port, Open up X-CTU.
Click "Modem Configuration"

Click "READ" in the top left.

3.Set the first Xbee (the one currently plugged in) as ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT (see the top)

4. Set the Pan ID to be a unique one (I used 1234)

5.Then, make note of the SH and SL
The SL is unique for each xbee. A great practice is to LABEL on that xbee the SL so you always know its address. 

6.Then, set the DH and DL of that xbee to the SH and SL, respectively, to the xbee it is going to be talking to and listening to. 
(the SH and SL can be found on the BACK of the XBEE on the white label)

7. Click WRITE.

8. Once it is finished, (see the bottom of the monitor), remove it and place the other xbee in the xbee explorer. You can unplug and replug the USB but you don't have to. 

9. Click READ again in the top left of the X CTU window. 

10. Set this Xbee to be ZIGBEE END DEVICE AT. 

11. Set it's PAN ID to be the same UNIQUE PAN ID of the other xbee (1234 in my case)

12.Set the DH and DL to be the SH and SL of the OTHER Xbee that you previously updated.

13. Press WRITE and wait for the firmware to be updated.

You're xbees should talk now!

If you had a second xbee explorer and another computer, you can hook both xbees up, and in X CTU go to "TERMINAL". 
Whatever you type in one terminal window should show up in the other computer's XCTU terminal window.
<p>There is a mistake on this page, in Step 5.</p><p>The graphic in Step 5 shows Pin2 connecting to Tx and Pin3 connecting to Rx, but the written directions specify that Pin2 connects to Rx and Pin3 connects to Tx.</p>
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