Use Your Gmail As an External Drive (7GB)





Introduction: Use Your Gmail As an External Drive (7GB)

This is shows you how to use your Gmail account as an extra drive with 7.18 GB of extra space.
You do need to be connected to the internet to access it.

This preety much uses your gmail space as an online drive.

Step 1: Download the Program

Step 2: Follow Through the Setup

Click on the Setup icon. Then click on run. And follow through the steps and enter your Gmail Email and Password. The when you're done you should see another drive in My Computer called GMail Drive.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Free 7.18GB !

Just log-in with your usual Gmail Email and Password.



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    ok so i did some research and there is only one draw back for this......

    you can only save files up to 10mb on it there are other programs and add-ons that can break up larger files so they can fit.
    just thought i'd mention that.

    thanks the instructable! I've been needing some extra space for a while!

    if you are not connected to the internet, how would you veiw this instructable?

    This is so cool. I could really use the extra space right now.

    Is this working? thats awesome..

    quick question every time i try to logonto it it says that browsers cookie functionalty is turned off when i know they are on

    so i can get 7 gig free? awesome

    emm me again, so in essence if i set up several adresses could i in theory have 28 gig worths of space from gmail?