Picture of Use your Mac OSX as a Wirelss Adapter for your XBOX  360
I saw another guide on how to do this on here but it was horribly wrong and left out so much stuff, so I decided to make my own.

Step 1: What you'll need

You don't really need much to do this.

All you need is:

A Mac (this guide is for 10.4 but im sure it would be very similar on 10.5)
And XBOX 360 (duh)
A wireless network to connect your Mac to (your own)
The ethernet cable that came with the XBOX

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i dont have any Ethernet port on my laptop and my laptop is macbook air 13 now macbook pro also dont have any
NanoCarp3 years ago
I'm getting a DNS error. I've checked multiple times that my DNS is set as you said.
hey if your looking to get open NAT then download the WATERROOF (mac os x) open it, enter in the "NAT Setup", UNCHECK all the boxes above "NAT Interface (WAN)" and name it as "en1".

add the following ports at the "port redirections" : 88 udp, 3074 udp/tcp.

the ip LAN is the ip you gave for your xbox ( in this instructable) and the WAN ip is the one it shows in your router's setup (the blank host name one - you'll see).

enable it and put it to auto-start. if you dont get the NAT open, you'll need to port forward your router too. you can look for it at the www.portforward.com

i will make an instructable someday, i dont have time now. feel free to ask me any questions.
hey.. thanks for the tips man... However I dont understand quite well waterroof, where should i add the port redirections in the space IP wan or lan or both ? If you could elaborate a little bit on this you would be my fcking hero ....
what you probably don't understand quite well it's my poor english hahaha. you need to excuse, it isn't my native language.

i just can't help much more because i've stopped playing xbox since july 2010 and i don't open waterroof since then. (just tried now under 10.7.2, couldn't open)

but my guess is:
LAN IP: (if you followed this instructable) LAN Port: 88 udp
WAN IP: (check router setup, tip: google it) WAN Port: 88 udp (again, i guess)

than repeat with the 3074 tcp/udp.

sorry but i can't help any more of that.
Hey! i have followed these instructions and i have a closed nat. I started reading and the first word that came up "Waterproof". What is that? Is it an application i can download? Because i cant find the application. I know nothing about technology and if you could please help me it would mean the world to me.
WATERROOF (you added an P - i don't know why). yes, it's an app. just google it.
"and the WAN ip is the one it shows in your router's setup (the blank host name one - you'll see). " can you please elaborate on this ?
open the router setup in your browser and give a look at the clients ip addresses. you'll see your computer by the ip and the host name. the xbox is the one which doesn't have host name (it's blank). the blank-host-name's ip address is the "wan ip".
Ok question - I have the dynalink rta 1025w - doesn't look like it shows me. Is there another way i can find my WAN ip? also in the router - do I forward ports to the xbox IP or the iMAc IP?
i can't think of any other right know, but i pretty sure every router has his own setup, so you can edit your network (e.g. adding security protocols, editing the host's name, etc…). just go to portforward.com, you'll probably find it there - or just google it.
hockeystar4 years ago
I did this but on the xbox it says the connection between network and internet failed.
This doesn't work anymore because of an update or something.  If you have a
Mac try this:
ghooey25 years ago
 mine arent on the bottom of the router and ive tried admin but it doesnt work, help?

fiffer895 years ago
i hope this isnt a stupid question and ive read almost every comment, i just set everything up the way it is instructed and my xbox cant find an ip address, is there any just to enter to make it work? the last step isnt finished
gblax1236 years ago
Thanks so much! I could not figure out how to get the Mac to work with it. I am a pro with windows but with the new Mac, it will take some getting used to. Thanks again!
burk_five6 years ago
I cant seem to get this to work on my imac g5 running leopard but when I boot into tiger it works great. Any ideas, i cant find the answer anywhere.
are you freaking kidding me? i literally stood up and threw my fist into the air, and silently screamed to myself after I finished this tut. It worked! How awesome. I am a nerd. And I love this. Waaayyyy easier than some of the other tuts I tried. Nice work! I gave you a "thumbs up" on my StumbleUpon acct!
Riezerdom6 years ago
You really don't need this step if you know your router's password and information all ready.
potato4136 years ago
Awesome Instructable.
I couldnt get the router info, but I tried a random adress on a paper for all of our computer equipment, and It worked with a bit of fiddling =]
Thanks for saving me the $100 microsofts charging for a router.
apmihal6 years ago
I followed this guide before and it worked great. But then my macbook's hard drive crashed and I needed to consult this guide to set it up again, except this time it doesn't work. Once I plug the ethernet cable into my xbox and laptop, everything works fine, but only for about a minute. But then if I try to access any live content on my xbox it won't connect to it. It just says "this service is unavailable." I can't even access websites on my macbook when it's hooked up, even though I'm connected to my router wirelessly. But as soon as I unplug the ethernet cable, everything is back to normal on my laptop. This situation is weird because under normal conditions, when the ethernet cable is unplugged from the xbox, all of the links to xbox live content, like promo videos, disappear, but when I lose my connection after a minute like I stated before, all of the links are still there. Does anyone know what my problem is?
Hey blade... thanks so much for this. I've gone through the steps, and I'm still failing my DNS test. I think my confusion comes from having a DSL modem, and then a wireless router connected to that. On step 5, should I be using the IP address from the router, or from the modem? Neither of them have an IP address physically on them, but I've gone through and found both of them. The router is and the modem is Any ideas?
bsblade (author)  mediocre_george7 years ago
try using as your primary dns and as your secondary dns server. seems like a weird router ip to me.
*shakes head* Still failing the DNS test. Not really sure where to go with it from here.
bsblade (author)  mediocre_george7 years ago
i just realized from your first post that the modem shouldnt come in to play here at all. use the adress from the router and then enter that into your broswers address bar and follow my instructions to get another longer ip address. then use the first ip address as the primary dns server and the second longer address and the secondary ip address. if that fails, just go through all of the steps again, because i don't really know why this wouldn't work.
i figured out that for the secondary DNS you dont have to put anything. i works with just the first one..
huntleyi6 years ago
when i do this, my NAT is set to strict. how do you open it up?
when i go to system preferences and then network the show option isnt there
You probably are in the newest version of OSX. You have a list on the left side of the Network window that is essentially the same thing as the show. The "Show" there is the same as that list, except in the new OSX they made it easier to use. Just "Ethernet" and you'll be set.
slnacitw6 years ago
thanks! this worked perfectly fine for me.
I'm also having trouble with NAT being moderate instead of open. If we're using the mac as a gateway for the Xbox, shouldn't we be able to change NAT settings (ie- putting the IP, in this case into a DMZ)? I don't know how to do that. Can anyone help? Am I way off in thinking this? PS- I went through your instructions twice. I did it all step by step. Could I be getting errors because I'm on Leopard?
do you need to set up a static IP address for your mac or 360? and will anything bad or could anything bad happen if i dont set up a static IP address. send me a message as a reply
cu8276 years ago
Thank you. It doesn't take long to do and doesn't cost $100. Now my old macBook has a reason to stay around.
Thanks a lot this helped a ton. I routed it though my MAC and save some coin, but I get this message that it isn't open NAT? I was wondering if this is a problem since it still lets me play. Thanks again!
maxp096 years ago
Ok. I am using an Apple Time Capsule as my router. It does not show the Ip address nor the username or password. It does give you the Airport ID and the Ethernet ID. I have tried putting those into my browser but nothing comes up. It just says "Safari cannot connect to server." I have tried typing in every possible IP server I could have but nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
tman1256 years ago
i am confused about what to do for step 5. i dont know where to find that screen.
I guess you're on the New Xbox experience. Go to the "My Xbox" section and all the way on the right there's system settings. I'm sure you can find your way around from there. Good luck!
bobbo14206 years ago
can i do this on a ps3 or a wii?
You shouldn't have to. AFAIK, PS3s have built-in Wi-Fi. I know Wiis do.
your right it does but my problem is that the ps3 is to far from the wireless to get wi-fi but my apple gets a super connection only 20 feet away
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