Step 6: Congratulations

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Congrats. You are now connected to XBOX Live without having to have bought one of those ridiculously expensive wireless adapters. Have Fun!
are you freaking kidding me? i literally stood up and threw my fist into the air, and silently screamed to myself after I finished this tut. It worked! How awesome. I am a nerd. And I love this. Waaayyyy easier than some of the other tuts I tried. Nice work! I gave you a "thumbs up" on my StumbleUpon acct!
apmihal6 years ago
I followed this guide before and it worked great. But then my macbook's hard drive crashed and I needed to consult this guide to set it up again, except this time it doesn't work. Once I plug the ethernet cable into my xbox and laptop, everything works fine, but only for about a minute. But then if I try to access any live content on my xbox it won't connect to it. It just says "this service is unavailable." I can't even access websites on my macbook when it's hooked up, even though I'm connected to my router wirelessly. But as soon as I unplug the ethernet cable, everything is back to normal on my laptop. This situation is weird because under normal conditions, when the ethernet cable is unplugged from the xbox, all of the links to xbox live content, like promo videos, disappear, but when I lose my connection after a minute like I stated before, all of the links are still there. Does anyone know what my problem is?
slnacitw6 years ago
thanks! this worked perfectly fine for me.
I'm also having trouble with NAT being moderate instead of open. If we're using the mac as a gateway for the Xbox, shouldn't we be able to change NAT settings (ie- putting the IP, in this case into a DMZ)? I don't know how to do that. Can anyone help? Am I way off in thinking this? PS- I went through your instructions twice. I did it all step by step. Could I be getting errors because I'm on Leopard?
cu8276 years ago
Thank you. It doesn't take long to do and doesn't cost $100. Now my old macBook has a reason to stay around.
moose4136 years ago
dude thx soo much for the info it was a very big help and it worked ur my lifesaver
thorhaglund6 years ago
If you want a way faster way to find your IP address, or like in my case where i couldn't figure out what the heck my username and passwords were (they were NOT admin) just google my IP. There are any number of sites that pop up that will tell you exactly what your IP is.... very simple, very quick!
fitzo6 years ago
My IP adress is dynamic, does it need to be static to work?
bsblade (author)  fitzo6 years ago
now that i think about it, that might be necessary. i set mine as static before i did any of this so i don't know how having a dynamic ip would affect this. if my guide doesn't work please try that and if it works then tell me, if that is necessary i will add it into my guide.
bigpapi2396 years ago
i got to the end passed all the tests except the xbox live test (DAMMIIIT) lol and of couse the NAT one because it stopped at xbox live. does any1 no why this is. is it cuz maybe i diddnt sign in xbox live or something i dunno? i JUST got the xbox so i diddnt really do anything yet. please reply!!
bsblade (author)  bigpapi2396 years ago
this is what worked for me, you just have to be careful with all of the steps. try reading through this again and double checking that you have done EVERYTHING right. you can also ask if you are unclear about any certain step.
ssantiss6 years ago
hi, what if i have an xbox with chip?? i had heard that microsoft will brick my xbox, is this true?
bsblade (author)  ssantiss6 years ago
what is chip? do you mean that it is hacked? because in that case you should stay off of live, i've heard that they have ways of detecting that.
i suposed that, thanks a lot!!
How do I alter the MTU settings, I can't get that to pass? Cheers
this works great, but NAT is always set to strict. Any ideas how to get it open? Please help
bsblade (author)  donnienewkid7 years ago
if you google that you can find out which ports to open up on your router and then open those ports to your laptops ip address.
OMG! Thank You so much. This worked perfectly for me. I had also found the other instructable that didn't do squat for me. This worked first time. The instructions were clear and very simple to follow. I have a macbook running OS X with leopard. Thanks once again!