Use Your Portable DVD Player As a Monitor


Introduction: Use Your Portable DVD Player As a Monitor

In this short video, I show you how to use the input function on your portable DVD player. 90 percent of decent quality portable DVD player's have this function.

This is a little simple for an instructable, but I use it all the time and I thought I would share.

Thanks for watching!



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    Video isn't working, mate! Should be fixed or post removed or hidden

    i cant see the video sorry :( isnt working at all

    The videos isn't Working???

    The video is not working for me. Can you please fix it. Thanks.

    i got the same one from a surplus store for $10 because it wont read dvds. i stripped it down and used the lcd to make a portable n64

    I think i'm part of the unlucky 10%

    Do this hack with a DVD player that doesn't have A/V IN ports. That'll impress me. Oh yeah... Please.

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    I can add cream and sugar if ya like... A cherry maybe?

    What are you even talking about? These are the useless comments that clutter up Instructables. are cluttering gee wiz!

    yeah, useless comments that clutter up instructables

    No one has ever heard of 'pretty please, with cream and sugar and a cherry on top"? Wow. BTW get over it.

    I was just putting out a challenge to do this hack with a portable DVD that does not have AUDIO/VIDEO inputs.

    also whit this hack you can play DVD!!

    just remove the jack! lol

    Interesting that you call this a "hack", when you're doing something that the DVD player was designed to do. A hack is doing something that the item you're hacking wasn't designed to do.

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    yes couldn't agree more!

    This remark is as True as it gets. I am a hardcore non-stereotypical hacker. Hacking: Is to hack Hack: To use something beyond it's authorization or beyond it's normal purpose. or microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems.

    lol - i no, its all in "selling the idea" I have been doing this since I got my player...