Today I´m gonna show you how to use a usb thumb drive as a virtual RAM device for your pc.
The thumb drive I used is a 2 Gb from Kingston. The size should be less than 4 Gb.
When you look at the sreenshots below you have to consider that it is in German.
Step 1:
Rename your thumb drive  as "RAM DRIVE", so you can see that it is the one which is used as RAM.
Step 2:
Delete all the stuff one the pen drive. Look also after hidden once.
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Step 1: Step 3

Picture of Step 3

Step 3:
Right click on "My Computer" --> Properties

Step 5: Step 7

Step 7:
Click "Apply", click not "Cancel" or  "OK".
After you have clicked "Apply", click "OK".
Restart your computer.

Don´t pull out your thumb drive after you made this settings, because it´s used as virtual RAM device. It may crash your computer if you pull out your thumb drive. I´m not responsible for thoose cases.
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I used sony 4 gb micro vault, but there is no effect on speed of my pc :(

Ashr13 days ago

This method only increases your virtual memory, you cant use it as a ram. Computer uses your hard drive for virtual memory by default and there is a big difference between virtual memory and ram, long story short it wont make your PC faster.

i did all of these according to these instructions, i dont notice it being any faster, and according to control panel i still only have 2gb ram when i should now be at 4, anyone have any idea what's going on there?

skyhawk19531 month ago

i think any usb stick will do if you fully blank it and format it. but then you have to dedicate it to this project only. It becomes iffy as a transport stick

nojtuag2 years ago
3 questions:

1. So if 200GB is converted to rams; it would be about 199.9GBRAM because it's subjected by 5mb? I know I'm not gonna use up that much, but just pretend if it does hold that much.

2. Compare the performances against the real rams...

3. Can the virtual ram gets full without using it as a partition harddrive?
benj3 nojtuag2 months ago

cant u see that it only holds up 2 gb and not more than that!!!

MoritzB (author)  nojtuag2 years ago
1. It would be 199995 MB (200GB= 200.000MB --> - 5MB). But I don´t know if this works.
2. Try it out.
3. I think if you use a 2gb drive it can get full but not 200gb.

KailasP3 months ago

Operating system Window 8 Pro
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)i5-457OS CPU @ 2.90GZ
Install Meomory(RAM) 4.00 GB(3.80 Usable)
System Type 64 bit Operating system,x64-based processor

How come my usb which is a Kingston 4 gb doesn't show up under the select drive thing

only my C drive and data drives show up

KailasP3 months ago

How come my usb which is a Kingston 4 gb doesn't show up under the select drive thing

only my C drive and data drives show up

Financeguy9 months ago

Looking forward to putting on my brand new USBracelet from Mandarin Technologies

Qtater9 months ago

and my HP is on windows 8

Qtater9 months ago

I'm going to use 1.5 TB external hard drive for this on my HP envy with 6 GB of current RAM is this safe for my HP please reply if you do you will be considered a friend

lardjisj11 months ago

How come my usb which is a Kingston 4 gb doesn't show up under the select drive thing

only my C drive and data drives show up

kkbhanot1 year ago
Nice info mate. I need this. I work full time from home and needed my computer fast even though I have 8 GB ram. I don't play games but I use some software.
why not just use windows ready boost in windows 7 but for xp this would be great.
dodo912 years ago
The problem for most people is a lot of flash drives aren't compatible to do this. I don't know why they aren't. I've tried 5 drives so far, and only one would work.
nojtuag2 years ago
happen if your computer only support 4GBrams? If you add virtual rams on it; does it incr the ram as well?
zico02 years ago
ok now ive done everything as u said but when i check on my ram i still get the readin 1gb ???????????? . .
. .
. .  what should i do ?
MoritzB (author)  zico02 years ago
Hi zico0,
you have missunderstood something.
This instructable doesn´t enlarge you pc-ram with the storage of an usb thumb drive, but the virtual ram of your pc. This is something different.
Because of that, you computer has still 1gb of hardware ram, but more gb of virtual ram.
muberblob2 years ago
Hey can anyone tell me why it should be less than 4gb? If so thanks a million!
Flobot-744 years ago
You can take the drive out after you turn the computer off correct? Also, can you put other files onto the drive after you do this?
MoritzB (author)  Flobot-744 years ago
When you use your usb thumb drive as a virtual ram device you shouldn´t put files on the drive.
Good Morrow speakers of English, Guten Tag Herr Moritz! To Flobot and Moritz: Yeah, you can actually, just partition off 2GB for use as virtual ram and then the rest for standard FAT32 file storage. There are How-to's on how to do this, so please refer to those as it would take me making my own to explain it all. Oh, and if you do this you can use the flash drive as a flash drive while also using it as Virtual Memory. As always and to every one, I wish you well with your endeavours. (I nearly slipped up and said "good luck" again... luck is bad, don't trust it.)
MoritzB (author)  CaptainMcClellan2 years ago
Thank you for your knowledge.
You can't put extra files on the drive if you use the whole drive as virtual memory. but if you only use part of the drive you can.
But you can still remove it after it's turned off?
Yes but after you have used it make sure there is enough space left on the drive to fit the page file
I am not terribly sure if this technically counts as "RAM" and thrashing may be a serious problem with this method, 'specially as there are processor consuming services involved with communicating with USB drives, still it beats using a large chunk of my Hard Drive as virtual memory as before. So: Danke schoen, mein freund. Und Gute Nacht. (Don't hash me to hard in Deutsch, I am still learning, as with the other seventeen, and I'd say I'm probably still learning English, to some extent. I use what little I can, when I can, in order to help myself learn, and I kinda feel like an idiot/jerk that I cannot better express myself, and that so much of these comments are in English, but it cannot be helped and it's not like anyone but myself is teaching me on a regular basis. )
my drive isnt showing up. help?
Hey. In some case registry errors or intentional filters may prevent access/detection of a drive. Check with someone about cleaning you registry or if you're confident do it yourself. (Look especially for Keys named "UpperFilters" or "LowerFilters", again advanced users only or your computer could crash, die and/or explode.) Best of luck.
can you still use it as a thumb drive?
MoritzB (author)  The nerdling4 years ago
You have to try it out.
It can be, that the computer will just use the rest space of the drive.
But the computer also could get damage. It´s your own risk to try it, i don´t take any responsibility.
ANKURX MoritzB3 years ago
HI Moritz
i want to know , how to speed up my ram,
i have two pc one with xp and other with windows 7
please help.
MoritzB (author)  ANKURX3 years ago
Just follow my instructable.
Greetings MoritzB
MRedu3 years ago
While this is a good idea in some scenarios, but isn't it better to just disable virtual memory all together?
MoritzB (author)  MRedu3 years ago
rurice3 years ago
It dosent show my RAM DRIVE like on step 6?
I renamed it like it said but yet no its not there??
MoritzB (author)  rurice3 years ago
Hi rurice
Then check if it´s working on one other pc.
Otherwise i don´t know what to do else.
timnitro3 years ago
when i click set it says"enter a maximum page file size that is equal to or greater than the initial page file size" what did i do wrong ps i have an 8 gb hard drive is this too big and can i do somthing about this
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