Introduction: Use Your XBOX 360 Controller on Your Computer

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If your too lazy to get up to use the mouse or dont want to play a game crouched over your computer. The XBOX controler should let you sit back and enjoy. This instructable will teach you how to program hotkeys for any game you want or for normal computing.  Lets get started. All you need is an XBOX 360 controller with a usb adapter.

Step 1: Get the Driver

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To use any new equipment on your computer you need to download a driver. Usually it downloads by itself on flash drives and stuff like that so you dont notice but on this you need to download the one you need here: . Select controller for 1. The rest is up to you and your specified needs.

Step 2: Xpadder

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To program the hotkeys, mouse clicks, scrolls, buttons, you have to get this program: . Its called Xpadder. THis will allow you to program the keys on your controller to the keys on your keyboard. Download and run xpadder. Click the little controller on the top left. Then click new. a purple screen should show up. You can skip the image part it is basically for you to see where your controls are so you can put them into the correct spot but if you want to use an image I have one here:

Step 3: Making Buttons

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Lets start with sticks. Click the sticks tab. Enable stick 1. Push one of the sticks on the controller to the side they ask. Now drag it into the spot where it would usually be on the controller. Do the same with stick 2, the DPad, and the triggers. To program buttons (which is everything that clicks (that includes pushing the sticks down)) push them all one by one and title them: y b a x start back lb rb . Put them into a place that looks about where they usually are. Click the finish tab then the close button.

Step 4: Program It.

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Click on the buttons to individually program the buttons or click the wrench to use WSAD or the mouse. When you do program it individually you can see the keyboard on one side and the mouse on the other. The arrows on to mouse side means move the mouse this way. You can also adjust it to invert or adjust it for sensitivity, dead zone, and many more by clicking that wrench. The example you see is a halo 3 to combat arms adaption so it makes the controls for halo 3 the same as combat arms on my computer with some differences like running is added to rb. The DPad is used for talking so I just put some extra ones on it. Click the contoller again and save it.

Step 5: BUGS

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Sadly, this isn't perfect. I can save the buttons and where they are but I cant seem to save the hotkeys I've programed into it once I shutdown. So every time i have to reprogram it.


Gage987 (author)2009-12-12

this wont work with windows 7


andrewdpham3 (author)Gage9872010-01-11

 Did you try it in compatibility mode?

sewarddo (author)andrewdpham32011-01-02

how do you use compatibility mode?

SulimanM (author)sewarddo2015-02-24

right click it and you will see something named compatibility

SulimanM (author)sewarddo2015-02-24

right click it and you will see something named compatibility

SulimanM (author)sewarddo2015-02-24

right click it and you will see something named compatibility

sewarddo (author)Gage9872011-01-02

this will work for windows 7

dnlgreenwood (author)Gage9872010-01-30

works for me on xp, vista, and 7 ultimate... and I particularly like this program. Fits my needs.

coldpsyco91 (author)2011-02-26

doesnt work with windows 7

fauge7 (author)coldpsyco912011-05-26

yes it does. all you have to do is you have to run it in capadability mode for windows xp sp3

jrg3ni0us (author)fauge72011-12-30

Nm I found it. New question: How do you connect a wireless controller?

jrg3ni0us (author)fauge72011-12-30

How do you do that?

ikent1 (author)2011-08-15

You could save it dude get the latest version dude...

1OAK (author)2010-11-22

thankyou <3

social_escape_artist (author)2010-09-12

Nice one!!!Now I can dust off some of my PC games.S.T.A.L.K.E.R here I come!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

abun1991 (author)2010-03-06

if you want to use it as a gamepad, you don't really need the XPadder (at least I didn't) my PC copy of Megaman X4 recognized the controller after installing the drivers, so its a safe bet other games will too.

andrewdpham3 (author)abun19912010-03-12

sadly mine didn't =(

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