Step 4: Replace the coil on the Powermat cover

Picture of Replace the coil on the Powermat cover
Set the coils from the Touchstone charging back cover into the Powermat back cover.  You will need to remove some of the thin plastic reinforcing webbing in the Powermat cover in order to get the metal buttons from the Touchstone charging coil to sit flush on the back.  This will help the Touchstone base magets hold it in place.
tbayart3 years ago
Why don't you keep the inductance coil of the powermate ?
stevemoseley (author)  tbayart3 years ago
I tried the powermat back with the touchstone base and could not get any voltage out of it so I just replace it. I hoped it would be that simple, but it wasn't.
Ok so using the powermat induction charger with the Palm coil may not work.
stevemoseley (author)  tbayart3 years ago
Correct. I don't think it will.