Use your laptop as an Xbox/Xbox 360 "Wireless Adapter" on Windows XP/Vista, and Mac OSX

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I hate how the Xbox 360's wireless adapter costs $100, so I looked online on how to use any adapter as one. I couldn't find an article on that, but found that you can use your laptop as a gateway, but many articles didn't work, the way they said to do it. I looked on Instructables to see if there were any how-to's about it, and there were none, so here is my second Instructable.
Things you need
CROSSOVER Ethernet cable (You can't use the one included with the xbox. But chances are that you have one lying around. Most will be labeled saying crossover. Thanks to sk8erek who reminded me to edit this.

I Edited this to show how to do it with Vista and Mac, so this will work for all 3. The one done by me is for Windows XP. Step 4 is Windows Vista. Step 5 is Mac OSX, both Leopard and Tiger

P.S.- This is new information. I just edited this on January 3, 2008. If you do this, you won't be able to connect to the internet through your Ethernet port anymore. Only providing internet will be possible. If you want to know how to fix this, scroll down to my comment about it.

EDIT: A fix for the above problem was posted in a comment by timheppner. I have not tried this myself, but he says it will work, so try it out.
"EDIT 2:" A guy named bsblade told me that my instructions on doing this on a mac were wrong, so I updated it according to his instuctable. To see changes, check out step 5
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Step 1: Connect Your Ethernet Cable to Your Computer and Xbox

Picture of Connect Your Ethernet Cable to Your Computer and Xbox
I know this doesn't sound like it should be the first step, but do it anyways. Trust me, It will work out in the end.

Step 2: Change Your Internet Properties

Picture of Change Your Internet Properties
connect to.png
We have to change the internet properties so that your computer will share wireless internet with the Ethernet adapter. See pictures. They are in order as they should. They also have notes. After doing what all the pictures say, hit ok.
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If your xbox says it cannot connect to the internet, but it can to the local network, try turning your firewall off, it worked for me...
florin.dicu.53 months ago

The conection from the xbox is limited pls help

rap god5 months ago
I have a MacBook Air. How do I do it ?

Does it work on the 360?

BlakeJ18 months ago

My laptop is a DELL INSPIRON and it dont have a ethernet port on my labtop. is there any adapters or any other ways to do it?

How do you do this on windows 8
karenna2 years ago
Thanks for the wonderful share. But as I followed the guide, it doesn't seem to work on my Dell laptop. Errors kept coming up. I couldn’t solve the problem until I tried Virtual Hotspot, a new WiFi sharing app but works quite well. Few comlex settles and quite effective. So…look forware to more fantastic sharing.
daveazar3 years ago
Has anyone who's tried this had there xbox die? I went through a few while connecting to xbox live this way.
blogan53 years ago
how do i connect my x-box from my bedroom witch is 75 feet from my bedroom how do i do this thank,s
you can get a big enough enthernet cord and run it becide the wall
I have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop and all I had to do was go into network connections, highlight both and click bridge connections and it works just fine.
I am running Vista
xboxlive123 years ago
i have a LG computer what steps do i have to do?
jhohendorf3 years ago
How do you connect a xbox 360 to a Windows 7 laptop?
mjohnston103 years ago
ok my problem is i dont have a sharing tab so what am i supposed to do now im running on windows 7 on a dell mini help plz
when you are in the "network and internet" window of your control panel, there should be a category labeled "network and sharing center." click on that, then to the left there should be an option, "change adapter settings." In there you want to bridge your wireless and local area connections. This should allow you to access xbox live. Did for me at least.
Thaaanks. That worked for me very well.
moosterboi3 years ago
i have, but when i do the xbox connection test it passes the network one and just dsnt connect to the next one dunno
moosterboi3 years ago
Hey guys, i did all those steps and everything but my xbox is able to pass the first part how u test the connection thing like it passes the network part then wen it says internet and xbox live it just cant connect, plz help
shaft96107 years ago
for the first step am i connecting my xbox with my computer or my laptop?
i need help
mjohnston103 years ago
im totally confused on ur directions
Toddimyre3 years ago
You can use the one that comes with the Xbox 360. I've done it. You can also use this method to connect to Xbox Live via dial-up. ;-) I've done that as well.

To use the existing cable with XP:
3. Make sure all necessary adapters and/or cables are attached.
4. Click NEXT twice. If something isn't connected, you'll get a CONNECTIONS screen. You can click IGNORE DISCONNECTED NETWORK HARDWARE for the time being and then click NEXT to continue.
6. Click your INTERNET CONNECTION and click NEXT.
7. Click your PRIVATE CONNECTION and click NEXT.
8. Click NEXT 4 more times. Note, that you may edit pieces before the final click of NEXT, but this comment isn't in response to those details. Also, this part may take a moment to finalize.
9. Once that is finished, REBOOT your system. You MUST do this step or it will not work.
10. Once your system reboots, wait for it to connect to the internet. Make sure your Xbox 360 is connected to your computer BEFORE you turn the system on.
11. If everything went smoothly, you will connect to Xbox Live whenever you load a Xbox Live profile.

A few notes:
1. If you get kicked offline due to internet issues, you have to renew the connection to your PC to connect back to Xbox Live.
2. If your computer enters HIBERNATION and/or SLEEP mode, the connection will sever.
3. If your computer is REBOOTED and/or SHUTDOWN, the connection will sever.
4. Your computer must ALWAYS be online first.
5. If your console won't connect, you must manually set your DNS and IP ADDRESS settings on your WIRED CONNECTION. Do NOT use your DNS ADDRESS for your router, or it will prevent connection to the internet at some point. I typically use for my internet's DNS ADDRESS and for my Xbox 360's DNS ADDRESS. The IP ADDRESS shouldn't have to be modified.
6. Your FIREWALL can either be on or off. It does not matter. This has been tested with WINDOWS FIREWALL, PC TOOLS FIREWALL, and COMMODO FIREWALL.

PS: Not trying to steal your thunder. Just trying to offer some extra tips, as I have done this before.
nik1707 years ago
I do the 5 steps (vista) and my console fails on the IP Address fails Could anyone PLEASE help me???
'carey nik1703 years ago
im having the exact same problem!!
cstill3 years ago
This worked for my bluray player!
rwillie3 years ago
Micah6673 years ago
ok it repaird an everything but it still wont connect to network..
Micah6673 years ago
after following the steps it wont even let me connect to the network
Micah6673 years ago
xbox says it cant obtain IP address
razmo1233 years ago
thanx walamoonbeam now i can go on my xbox live but i used the xbox internet lead and it works just fine for windows seven
Man, that first picture brought back memories. That is the OG Xbox Dashboard right there.
@macauleyw34 : On WIndows Vista or Windows Se7en, go to your Control Panel>Category View>Network and Internet>Manage Internet Connections (or Manage Wireless Networks)>Adapter Properties>"Sharing" tab
Thank you!
woodmass143 years ago
i only know how to do this on windows 7 and vista plug usb from laptop into xbox/ps3 Make sure Xbox/ps3 settings are for ethernet only :D

go to start and type in "view network connections" click on it

After that you should have local area connection and wireless network connection
Highlight them both and right click one of them and there will be something called bridge connections click on it "make sure everything is enabled in network connections"
and then try the network setup on both ps3/xbox :DDDDDD
thank youuu
iHurandDur3 years ago
What if i dont have a Wireless Adaptor, cause my Adaptor Box has a Ethernet-Net cord in it to the PC
Following this instructable gave me the following message on the XBox360 when I tried to test the connection to XBox Live:

"Your network does not have a sufficient MTU setting. Xbox LIVE requires a minimum MTU setting of 1364."

I looked it up and found out that I need to open some ports. So after checking the two boxes on the "Sharing" tab of Vista/7, I clicked on the "Settings" button and checked/added the following ports:

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)

For the ports that list both UDP and TCP, I added the port twice, making sure one was for TCP and one was for UDP (adding UDP to the end of that port name to differentiate between the two). Port 80 was covered under "Web Server (HTTP)" so I didn't have to add that one individually.

After making sure these ports were added and checked, I was able to connect to XBox Live with no problems.
Tech24313 years ago

Um where it says above the 2 edits, about fixing the internet from not being able to use it anymore, which then goes onto say see walmoonbeems comment about it; could someone leave me a link or page number or inbox me please.

Greatly appreciated.
jpizzati3 years ago
i did all the steps in vista also the STINA instructions but right when i connect my ethetnet cable to the laptop the local area connection icon disappears from my desktop, then i try my xbox connection and it doesnt work HELP!!!PLEASE!!!
A113N833 years ago
if i have the thing clear and go i think its dial up but u put it in the usb port how can i get my xbox live connected to it i mean will it still work if i use the clear and go or do i have to use wireless
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