Use your laptop as an Xbox/Xbox 360 "Wireless Adapter" on Windows XP/Vista, and Mac OSX


Step 2: Change Your Internet Properties

Picture of Change Your Internet Properties
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We have to change the internet properties so that your computer will share wireless internet with the Ethernet adapter. See pictures. They are in order as they should. They also have notes. After doing what all the pictures say, hit ok.
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xboxlive123 years ago
i have a LG computer what steps do i have to do?
mjohnston103 years ago
ok my problem is i dont have a sharing tab so what am i supposed to do now im running on windows 7 on a dell mini help plz
when you are in the "network and internet" window of your control panel, there should be a category labeled "network and sharing center." click on that, then to the left there should be an option, "change adapter settings." In there you want to bridge your wireless and local area connections. This should allow you to access xbox live. Did for me at least.
Micah6674 years ago
xbox says it cant obtain IP address
@macauleyw34 : On WIndows Vista or Windows Se7en, go to your Control Panel>Category View>Network and Internet>Manage Internet Connections (or Manage Wireless Networks)>Adapter Properties>"Sharing" tab
Thank you!
macauleyw344 years ago
does anyone knw how to do that step on vista basic coze i cnt find it
eirmanz4 years ago
Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP adressing
German Jake4 years ago
Step 2 isnt working for me when i click ok an error message comes up and says "Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing." If you know how to fix this please tell me. Im using windows xp.
same here
chaosbrae5 years ago
there is no "advanced" options on mine. just connection and security. im using vista
On vista under properties in the network settings you have to find the button that says allow other network users to connect via this computers Internet acess click ok and connect your xbox on test connection. I hope this helped (I am not the person who wrote the article but did it today took a while but did it in the end)
tofood5 years ago
In the advanced tab for my wireless network connection's properties, I do not have the option to allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet. In fact, the whole box below the "Windows Firewall" box isn't even there. I'm on XP and I am the administrator on my computer. Also, does anybody have any idea how to use this concept with my laptop to my desktop? The router on my desktop broke, and it'd be nice if I could use my laptop instead of
spartangzz5 years ago
this is vista i own windows 7
jcarlsoniv5 years ago
 I have looked through most of these comments and solutions and I can still not solve this problem.  When I was home, my brother set my computer to allow the sharing of devices so that I could use my xbox wirelessly.  However, now that I am at school, and I do not have a wireless connection in my dorm, my computer will not connect through the ethernet port to the internet.  My laptop does just fine, but my desktop will not.  I am using Vista, and when I go to the wireless network's status, there is no "Sharing" tab, and thus, no check box to uncheck.  This is really frustrating me and making me hate Vista even more than I already do.  Hopefully I'll have Windows 7 soon.
I have the same exact problem, but i still have xp pro. and the only options under the advanced tab is firewall settings no (internet connection sharing)
what you do is you go through the setup wizard again and make sure you check the box that say use this computer as a gateway. I had the same problem but it is now fixed
 I eventually got my computer working.  Turns out, I had to update the ethernet port driver.  However, in order to do that, I had to lug my entire computer over to the student union (where there is wireless) so I could download the driver.  Took me about 2 hours worth of trouble shooting once I had the wireless internet to actually get it working though.
Jojomojo195 years ago
 Anyone with windows 7, this is how you do it.
Right click on the internet connection tab on the bottom right corner and click "open network and sharing center". On the left side of that window, "click change adapter settings". Left click and hold it to highlight "Local area connection", and the wireless connection you are connected to, and let go. Then right click on the selection and press "Bridge connections". Then just connect your xbox to your laptop via ethernet cable, and test your connection through your xbox. Obviously, make sure you're connected on your laptop to the internet.
This worked amazingly. Thank you so much for this information, I tried bridging and it worked!!! I love you man omggg lmao <333333
jhamre5 years ago
My problem is this: When I try to bridge the connections between my 360 and my laptop (with Windows 7 Professional), an error message pops up that reads: "To create a Network Bridge, you must select at least two LAN or High-Speed Internet connections that are not being used by Internet Connection Sharing." Any hints as to what I'm doing wrong?
walamoonbeam (author)  jhamre5 years ago
did you hold control when selecting the connections? If not, you want to hold control, and then click on the two connections you want to bridge, and then click bridge connections. But I don't support this method, since it makes you unable to use the internet on ur laptop until you delete the bridge. And another issue is that some lan cards or wifi cards don't support bridging, but then again, some cables don't support my method, so it's a tradeoff.
djkleyweg5 years ago
Dude im stuck and lost im trying to use it with my dell inspiron mini and i keep getting an error when i click join them could some one please help me out?
tomclark105 years ago
It wont let me bridge connections and when i check the share box it says error! what can i do?? help please!
For people having trouble doing this with Vista: This step actually didn't work for me. I fiddled with it for at least an hour and couldn't get it to work. In the end, I didn't do this step. I did not select the "Allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection" option.but instead bridged my local connection (the xbox and laptop) to my wireless connection (laptop and wireless router) and it worked.
ok i got a question .. so im at this step with vista and it says the error thing so what do i do now the only connection i got is the one that i have to turn the sharing on so do i try and bridge anyways??plz help
jman119275 years ago
thanks a ton for the instructable. worked great and i am running windows 7 ultimate
Hey im running Windows 7 Home. I'm kind of lost with these intructions haha can you help me out please? since your using windows 7 also.
Yeah what part are you lost with?
jonathan235 years ago
i cant find the internet connection sharing page somebody help me
jjkoolj82825 years ago
i cant find the share wireless network thing or whatever
ceath5 years ago
 thanks worked first time no problems
foteye6 years ago
having an issue. Please help very soon. I'm getting an error when i try to share the connection. The error states: "An error occurred while internet connection sharing was enabled ICS cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP adress that is required for automatic IP adressing."
Its been a long time since you posted this comment for help, so I am assuming that you might have found a answer to your problem. I am also having this problem happen to me so if you have an answer please forward it on to me. Thank you.
getting the same error
woahkewl foteye6 years ago
i am having same issue
I'm having the same issue can you tell me how you fixed it?
I only have general show up.
Xbox test network thing says that my NAT Type is strict, any idea how I fix it? 
haytrav35 years ago
Thank you very much!
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