Use your laptop as an Xbox/Xbox 360 "Wireless Adapter" on Windows XP/Vista, and Mac OSX


Step 3: Repair the Ethernet Connection

Picture of Repair the Ethernet Connection
This is simple. Right click the Ethernet Cable icon in the task bar, and hit "Repair"
Pictures say it all.
Right click the non blurred icon. Then hit repair. It shouldn't have a red X though.
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cstill4 years ago
This worked for my bluray player!
Micah6674 years ago
ok it repaird an everything but it still wont connect to network..
woodmass144 years ago
i only know how to do this on windows 7 and vista plug usb from laptop into xbox/ps3 Make sure Xbox/ps3 settings are for ethernet only :D

go to start and type in "view network connections" click on it

After that you should have local area connection and wireless network connection
Highlight them both and right click one of them and there will be something called bridge connections click on it "make sure everything is enabled in network connections"
and then try the network setup on both ps3/xbox :DDDDDD
thank youuu
Following this instructable gave me the following message on the XBox360 when I tried to test the connection to XBox Live:

"Your network does not have a sufficient MTU setting. Xbox LIVE requires a minimum MTU setting of 1364."

I looked it up and found out that I need to open some ports. So after checking the two boxes on the "Sharing" tab of Vista/7, I clicked on the "Settings" button and checked/added the following ports:

Port 88 (UDP)
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
Port 80 (TCP)

For the ports that list both UDP and TCP, I added the port twice, making sure one was for TCP and one was for UDP (adding UDP to the end of that port name to differentiate between the two). Port 80 was covered under "Web Server (HTTP)" so I didn't have to add that one individually.

After making sure these ports were added and checked, I was able to connect to XBox Live with no problems.
lbagg4 years ago
can anyone help me i have vista and when i right click the wireless network then click properties there is no sharing tab so i have no option. can anyone help me with this?
chukyx0074 years ago
if you want to renew our ip address just right click the internet connection and hit repair.
Storm Smurf4 years ago
After I checkmark the "Allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection" and press okay, I get this message:

Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled
A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP adressing

I'm running an ad-hoc connection and using another laptop instead of a router right now. Do you have any suggestions for me?
kdeedeedee4 years ago
I did it all, and on the Xbox, i just get

Cant obtain ip from modem/router.

Anybody know how to repair the connection on windows 7? I don't have that icon.

Same here mate but probably that isn't even "X"d cuz its pretty new but still am not sure and i need an answear for that too.
would any crossover cable work? Like this one, by example?


If so, where can i purchase one?

every step works exceot from step 3 it doesnt let me repair my ethernet connetion ? 
miaboy0015 years ago
is this step for windows xp 2
Tidusx35 years ago
Refresher for Vista Users!!!!

I just fiddled with this and it WORKS!

1. Plug Crossover from Xbox to Laptop (Make sure Xbox is OFF)
2. Hit Start > Type Run in the Search Bar.
3. Brings up a little window, Type " ncpa.cpl " into that window. Run
4. Brings up Network Connections.
5. Right-Click your Wireless Connection > Properties > Sharing tab
6. Click "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" > OK
7. You probably don't have to, but Repair for giggles.
8. Turn on your Xbox.
fredfa Tidusx35 years ago
basically i have wireless laptop a normal ethernet cable and xbox 360. after reading many blogs including this one i realised i could potentially play xbox live on it using my laptop etc. After literally hours of testing and trying different ways of doing things im left with 2 bad things and never able to actually access xbox live. first time i would go to manage network connections and then my wireless network connection right click properties then sharing. i would then check both boxes allow it to identify and then test xbox live connection. it would be succesful until it reaches xbox live where i am to recieve i message saying test failed.. "your console is connected to the internet but can't connect to xbox live, your router or ISP may be blocking access to xbox live" so now i am to try and bridge the connections.. in order for vista to let me bridge i must go and uncheck the boxes i have just checked in the sharing section. so now i bridge the connection and all seems succesful until i try again to test xbox live. and this time i cant even get onto the internet! I have taken off every firewall. can someone please help me? do i need a crossover cable? or am i just doing things wrong. neither the bridgeing or checking the 'allow other users to connect throught this computers internet connection' seem to work! HELP PLEASE!!! thanks
Thanks so much for the guide. You just saved me 50 bucks.
prdk215 years ago
okay so i did all the steps and it doesnt work...i plugged the crossover cord to my laptop, and checked the box that says "allow other network users to connect through your computer" and then my wireless went out...i clicked repair and it didnt work...
what do you do if there is still a red x?
 repair it
MW2 madness5 years ago
 onemore thing first step u say plug it into your computer :S do you mean your laptop
MW2 madness5 years ago
 sounds preety good im going to buy a ethernet cable tomorow and hopefully is going to work does this prevent Laggs and stuff for example on MW2
gecco93275 years ago
so....after i do step two...i check the box that says "allow other network users to connect blah blah"  and so after i check that, the icon with the two computers and the red x dissapears....and my xbox still cant find my laptop...what did i do wrong? what am i supposed to do?

please respond!
Gmodvids5 years ago
 Its says:
Network Could not be connected

The device hooked up is not responding 
i think it says something like that 
Jewlox5 years ago
Hey man i was wondering if you could help me out

After I checkmark  the "Allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection" and press okay, I get this message:

Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled

A LAN connection is already configured with the IP adress that is required for automatic IP adressing

If this thread isnt dead id love a response
walamoonbeam (author)  Jewlox5 years ago
Try doing it after you unplug everything from your router except for your modem and laptop and then try it. After you do this, you can plug your stuff back in and it should assign the IP addresses correctly. If that doesn't work, try unplugging and plugging in your router and modem.
josenetwork5 years ago
my laptop says i have a Local Area Connection. are the I adresses on the 360 and laptop supposed to match?
buddahz5 years ago
yoooooo thanks alot, and i mean alot for this walamoonbeam...its been so long that i have not been online, it feels great to speak and conversate with my people..thanks again, this was real informative..God bless bro..
loco22cba6 years ago
i have a problem, the ehternet cable icon appears with a caution sign, not the red X but a caution sign.. when i click repair it tells me that it "cannot refresh the ip".. PLEASE HELP
same here but mine says between internet and xbox live
Babyjb6 years ago
Hi, i passed all the internet connections but when it is updating it says error!! i tried everything but nothing seems to work, what am i doing wrong?
josshhyy6 years ago
now it wont connect the ip address what is going wrong
josshhyy6 years ago
when ever it tries to connect to xbox live it fails any ideas why???
brad936 years ago
Thanks so much you saved me $150 AUD
demor666136 years ago
(sorry i messed up) when i right click the wireless thing it wont let me repair it
demor666136 years ago
mine when i rigt click it i cant repair it and theres still a big red x through it and when i
curiousbob6 years ago
the first step is plug ethernet into computer and xbox, does that mean plug ethernet into deskpot, because my desktop only has one ethernet plug and then i wont get wireless
walamoonbeam (author)  curiousbob6 years ago
well are you trying to get Internet through your desktop or your laptop? if it is the desktop, then yes. you have to plug the Ethernet cable into your desktop. unless you are using one of those weird wireless bridges, which, by the way you can plug into the xbox anyway so this is not needed then, I don't understand why you would not be able to plug your xbox into your computer and have the computer still be wireless. if this is true, and you still want access to the internet through your computer, AND your xbox, you can try getting one of those really cheap routers that only do wired connections (i think it is called a hub in that case). if this is not the case, then i don't really understand what you mean, and you should consider getting a good wifi usb card.
ok thanks and for this step right click on the two computers with the X and all it says is change firewall settings or open netowrk connections, there isnt a "repair" to hit
walamoonbeam (author)  curiousbob6 years ago
are you sure? well you can go to start-----run and type cmd

then in the window that opens, type
ipconfig /release

wait for it to do it's thing and when it lets you type again type
ipconfig /renew
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