Use your old (Mini-USB) charger to charge any USB chargeable phone/MP3 Player/iTouch/iPhone/iPad for $1.61

Picture of Use your old (Mini-USB) charger to charge any USB chargeable phone/MP3 Player/iTouch/iPhone/iPad for $1.61
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Now you can have a charger at home and at work! Or simply have a spare in your bag.
This instructable provides a practical way to use an old stored away Mini-USB charger from previous cell phones or devices you own(ed).
An alternate method to “reduce, reuse, recycle” your Mini-USB chargers, don't throw it away!

Assuming the following:
You already own 1 or several Mini-USB chargers from other device(s) typically phones.
You already have a USB sync cable that came with your phone. (i.e.: white cable that comes with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4G).  
Your device charges while plugged into a computer, if it doesn't then most likely will not work for you!

1. Voltage Verification of Old Charger: (go to step 1 for more info)
99.9% of the time, if the charger has a Mini-USB connector then it will have 5 Volts to power/charge any USB device.
It’s always good to confirm just in case some idiot company decides to use the same Mini-USB connector for some other application which uses a higher voltage...It's possible but not likely.

2. $1.61 Item Purchase: (go to step 2 for more info)
You will need to purchase a "USB Female to Mini USB 5-Pin Female Adapter". You can use the link below to purchase one from Dealextreme
Copy and paste the link below:

3. Setting up device to charge: (go to step 3 for more info)
All you do is connect both the old charger and USB charge cable to the adapter. That’s it! Your phone should start to charge.
Great info.

i don't think using a charger that puts out more amps then the original charging device is a sound electronic idea. Unless your sure that the device has protection against overcharging and cut off relays when it starts overheating. . If you charge a device that is rated for .500 ma with a 1 amp charger, even though you made the contact fit, you may destroy the device.
Even the knock off chargers that are available at much lower prices for cells and iPods, should be checked to make sure the output in volts and amps is correct. Many of the knock offs have poor quality control , as do most of the cheap Chinese products i get from deal extreme. It is common for the chargers to be over voltages and over amps, resulting in destroying your expensive electronics.
eddy147775 years ago
I'm sorry to tell you this but the Ipad will not charge on this because it takes a different amount of amperage .
dafoofoo (author)  eddy147775 years ago
I tried not to clutter the intro. with redundant info that is mentioned on the 1st step. In my 1st step you would have seen in BOLD the following: "iPAD users NOTE: iPAD requires 2.1A but can slowly charge or maintain its charge with lower current only when it’s in sleep mode. In some case when current is really small like 200mA or 100mA it will not charge at all." You do bring up a good topic since most old chargers hardly go over 0.5A it is very unlikely that an old charger will have 2.1A to charge while using the iPad. Although I did find an old charger that provided 1A at the swap-meet which brings me hope. If anyone has tried please make a comment with Amperage i.e. 500mA, 0.8A, etc.
Any updates to this?

I'm trying to build a minimal solar iPad charger and would love to find out the lowest possible charging amperage.