Use Your Old Usb Flash Drive As a Computer Lock





Introduction: Use Your Old Usb Flash Drive As a Computer Lock

In this Instructable I will show you how to turn any usb or SD card into a lock for your computer.

Step 1: Download Predator

First thing first download Predator here:

Step 2: Open Rar File and Run Exe.

Once downloaded open file with winrar (or any rar file opener): 

Install and agree to the terms of use:

Step 3: Creating the Usb Key

Once installed insert a flash drive or SD car, choose which drive letter and press create key:

Step 4: Tour of Predator in Use

This video will show you how the program works

Step 5:

now use your usb (or sd card) key pluged in to access the computer and un-pluged to lock computer, once the key is pluged back in a pop-up box comes for you to enter your pasword if you set one, if not your computer will automatically resume from when you un-pluged the key.

Step 6: VOTE FOR ME!!!!!

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    Just to give an alternative solution: USB Raptor (which is open source)

    AVG aAntivirus found virus on .exe

    thanks yenscasper for posting an add to RAR Repair Toolbox!

    Dude. Print screen, paste into paint, crop and save as jpg, upload. That's what the button is for.

    you should simply use the "lock" button in windows next to the "shut down", "hibernate", "sleep" and "restart" buttons. why so much hassle.

    I used this to keep my computer protected from my cousin and it worked perfectly!Rated4.5*
    Have a look at my latest ibles as well and rate and comment and maybe even vote!
    Thanks in advance!

    I'm glade this program helped keep nosy people and anoying family from messing with your computer. On my laptop I use my micro sd card in its adaptor because its small and hidden/ easy to remove if needed.

    Cool!Have a look at my ibles!

    I will look at all of your ibles I'm glade a pro has interest in my second ible