Use Your Smartphone Mic With Your PC





Introduction: Use Your Smartphone Mic With Your PC

Want to make decent quality audio recordings on your PC without investing in a high end microphone ?

A lot of smartphones out there in the market have pretty good audio quality. Some of them even have built-in noise cancellation features. This guide will help you connect your smartphone with your PC to record live audio.

You will need:

1. A Smartphone running Windows Phone / Android / iOS (not tested)

2. One of these apps installed on your smartphone. (Note: There may be other equivalent or better apps available. These are just my personal recommendations. All of them are free)

    a. For Windows Phone devices : Real Microphone
    b. For Android devices : Microphone
    c. For iOS devices : Megaphone  
(Note: I have not tested this out on any iOS device. But, theoretically, it should work fine)

3. 3.5mm stereo aux cable
4. A PC or Laptop with Microphone Input 

How to Proceed:

1. Use the aux cable to connect your phone to the microphone input of your PC
2. Run the app on your phone. (Ensure you connect the aux cable first, otherwise your phone speakers will howl with feedback)
3. Well, that's it ! You can now use your phone mic to make good quality recordings on your PC.


There is a slight delay or lag of around 1 second due to the software limitations on the phone.

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The thing is, I don't have an aux cable, and I only have a headset mic with one cord. What do I do?

is there wireless versions of this

Smartphones are like mini computers along with added features of calls and camera. Everything that you do on the computer, the camera or the basic phone you can do with your smartphone.

Following are the some tasks that you can do on your smartphone:

1. Capture and see images

2. Watch movies, songs and videos

3. Connect with friends on social networking sites, whatsapp etc

4. Video calling using certain apps

5. Free calling using apps

6. Browse internet

7. Shopping on sites and apps

8. emails

9 .read books using kindle ebooks

10. work on docs, sheets and other ms office applications and lot more

11.share data using bluetooth or some apps for sharing

12. play games and use apps for religious, health, learning, entertainment purposes

thanks for teaching me how a phone works, that was SOOOOOOOOO helpful.


Echt bedankt dat dit kan. Ik heb alleen een vraagje.

Moet Ik Echtz zo'n aux snoer hebben? Zo ja, hoe kom ik daar aan, zo nee, kan het dan ook gewoon met usb aansluiting?

Alvast bedankt.

PS, ik word liever beantwoord via mijn mail:

Ik wou dat er een automatische vertaling functie op instrutables . Ik gebruik google translate , dus ik ben niet zeker of dit klinkt recht in het nederlands .

dank u voor uw opmerkingen .

Loletje , als ik uw vraag goed begrijp , wordt u gevraagd of aux kabel nodig is en of u USB kunt gebruiken . Deze methode werkt alleen met aux kabel of bluetooth in sommige telefoons . Hoop dat dit antwoord op uw vraag .

In English,

I wish there was an automatic translation function in instrutables. I used google translate, so I'm not sure if this sounds right in dutch .

Thank you for your comments.

Loletje , if I understand your question correctly, you are asking if aux cable is needed or whether you can use USB. This method works only with aux cable or Bluetooth in some phones. Hope this answers your question .


Dit is een ENGELSE site.

denk je dat ze reageren op Nederlands?

dacht het niet.

It was an interesting theory and I tried it myself, but it didn't work for me. I wonder if it depends on what type of computer you have? (Mine is pretty old, hehe)