Introduction: Useable Chopsticks Fridge Magnets

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This Instructable Is my entry to the fridgemagnet contest, but mainly to share my idea :)

It is a handy pair of chopsticks to grab and use when needed most.
How many folk have last nights takeout in the fridge? some noodles maybe you places in the fridge until later?

well grab the noodle and why go any further? your chopsticks are already waiting for you on the fridge door!

Step 1: You Will Need.....

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The ingredients of this Instructable are as follows:

1) A pair of chopsticks
2) 2X small strong magnets (small enough to fit into the chopsticks ends)
3) A sharp craft knife (Be very careful !!!! really. you don't want to get cut !)
4) Epoxy glue (or anything else strong enough to fix the magnets in)
5) Leftover takeaway to enjoy :P

I got my Magnets out of a dead cdrom head.. they were a part of the laser focus assembly. small and strong :) they were 5x4 millimeters.

the chopsticks are the common disposable type.

Step 2: Mark Out and Make Holes.

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Mark out the positions of the holes for the magnets.. A snug fit is what you will want.

Warning! The craft knife will be really sharp and the end can snap if you are too hard with it!
Be careful and gentle with it!

Carefully cut the holes with a sharp knife to a depth the same as your magnets thickness, making sure that the magnets fit snug (if you cant get the magnets out again then the hole is perfect :D but try because you want to fix them in)

Step 3: Epoxy the Magnets in Place.

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It would be good to make sure the magnets are attracted to each other when glued in so you can keep the chopsticks together when not in use ;)

Carefully mix up a smal amount of epoxy (JB Weld is good for this, or Araldite), using as small amount as possible put a blob in the muddle of the hole. too much will splodge out the sides, you don't want that. too little wont be strong enough. you want the magnets to stay indefinatly.

Step 4: DoneDid!!

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You're Magnetic Chopsticks are finished :D

Now just stick them to your fridge and you will be glad they were there next time you find that leftover takeout from last night ;)


hannahheartsyou (author)2008-06-14

I love Japanese food (cause I'm Japanese). this works when you bring it home and eat it. you don't have to use a fork + all the splinters are off of it XD. Great instructable!!!!!!

thnx :)

oh no thank you, you made the 'ible

ccddkkuu (author)2007-06-11

Thanks, Bongmaster. That is appropriate technology. While i regretted the sacrifice of some hard drives, priorities are priorities! I made mine with the magnets set so there would be a teensy amount of space to let the chopsticks dry out thoroughly in between munchies.

Bongmaster (author)2007-06-06

Tried and tested! they work well :D just wen u need them :P

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