Useful Guides for the Survival of the Post-apocalyptic World/government Takeover


Introduction: Useful Guides for the Survival of the Post-apocalyptic World/government Takeover

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This instructable  will outline several useful books for a post-apocalypse world or a country taken over by a dictator. It will also give signs that you need to begin preparing for such an event.

Step 1: Warning Signs

Situation A: The day of reckoning, Armageddon, apocalypse. For this event there will be no definite warning, no small symptoms, no way to prepare unless you stay prepared. Download these books and get ready to scavenge materials when the event happens.

Situation B: Government takeover. The signs that this is about to happen would be: mass censorship, martial law, military action, and propaganda. This is the world where movies and books like Soylent Green andDemolition Man take place.


Step 2: Improvised Munitions Handbook

When it hits the fan this is the book you want, everything from explosives to home made rifles to detonators are discussed in this book. The rifles aren't the weapons you will take down legions with, however they can be useful in acquiring better weapons.

Step 3: U.S. Army Ranger Handbook

A good choice for information on survival and tactical movement, the Ranger Handbook adds very much to my guide binder. containing info. on demolition, mountaineering, and evasion/survival; it allows you to put the info. from the Improvised Munitions Handbook to good use.

Step 4: Suggestions

this guide is a work in progress so please message me with suggestions



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    Instructable: show us how you MAKE or DO something.

    Lists of books would be best published as a forum topic.

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    Well, i would but i'm willing to bet instructables has serious issues with the posting of plans on how to make paramilitary destructive devices.