Step 3: U.S. Army Ranger Handbook

A good choice for information on survival and tactical movement, the Ranger Handbook adds very much to my guide binder. containing info. on demolition, mountaineering, and evasion/survival; it allows you to put the info. from the Improvised Munitions Handbook to good use.
interesting ible but i agree with kiteman
Instructable: show us how you MAKE or DO something.<br /> <br /> Lists of books would be best published as a forum topic.<br /> <br /> <br />
Well, i would but i'm willing to bet instructables has serious issues with the posting of plans on how to make paramilitary destructive devices.<br />

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Bio: I'm a hard core LARPer, i'm working toward my goal of becoming an army ranger (step one drop to below 200lbs)
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