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This is a manual in only 10 steps for a portable swing.

Hi I am Manou, a first year student product design at college university of west Flanders in Belgium, Howest. We had an assignment to make a swing. He had to be portable and as light as possible. This is my swing. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

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1) 12m climbing rope

2) a shelf (as light/thin as possible)

3) firm sticks (min 47cm, 3,3cm diameter)

4) 2x carabiners

5) 2x height adjustments

6) 4 stretchers

7) 2 velcro fasteners

Step 2: The Right Size

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1) cut the climbing rope in 2 pieces of 6m.

2) saw shelf 13x35

3) saw a cut of 3cm, 1,5cm of each edge

Step 3: To Mill

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Mill in the middle of the sticks 0,3cm (the height of the shelf) and 35cm long (the lenght of the shelf). Now the shelf fits perfectly in the sticks.

Step 4: Holes

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Drill a hole on each side of the sticks.

First stick: two holes horizontal (1,5cm from each side)

Second stick: two holes vertically (1,5cm from each side)

OPTIONAL: If you want to make your swing as light as possible you can drill some extra holes in your sticks.

Step 5: Strechers

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Take the strechers and put two on each stick.

Step 6: Height Adjustments

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Put the rope in the upper hole of the height adjustments and forward in the middle.

Left and right rope.

Step 7: Rope in Sticks

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Put the rope in one hole of the stick and in the opposite hole of the other stick. Then knot it.

Do the same thing with the second rope.

Step 8: Fix the Shelf

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Fix the shelf on the sticks by means of the stretchers.

Step 9: Your Swing Is Ready

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Your swing is now ready to use.

Step 10: Step 10: Enjoy

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Remove the stretches of one stick.

Throw the stick over a branch.

Fix your shelf by means of the stretchers.

Click the carabiners. One on each side.

Now you can swing, Enjoy!

Step 11: Movie

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MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-12

Very nice swing, and gosh it's so small rolled up!

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