We made a useless machine with Arduino. This is how we did it so you can make one at home as well!

Step 1: Step 1: What Is the Useless Machine?

What is a useless machine?

A useless machine is a box with a button (switch) on it. When you press the switch, the machine starts, and a mechanical arm presses the switch off, which in turn shuts off the machine. So it's a machine that turns itself off. Sounds useless? It is. It's a lot of fun though if it works.


The things you will need will be:

Materials for the box (the box should be 22 cm's long, 14 cm's tall and 14 cm's wide)
4 Batteries 1.5V (the power source) and a box for these batteries
Arduino board + breadboard with cables
2 Servo motors
A switch
Wood glue
Mechanical arm to attach to the servo which presses the switch

<p>you should make it so that it switches itself back on again....then it can keep on being useless until it runs out of power...</p>
<p>No need to use a Arduino for this. Just 2 switches will do the trick also and it eliminates the standby power too.</p>
<p>Right. But an Arduino costs only a few euros and is easier to fine adjust. </p>
<p>If you do use an Arduino, you might aswel add some extra fun? Like in the youtube clip you linked. :)</p>
<p>Cool version of the useless machine.</p>

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