There are so many uses for bandanas. Bandanas are so versatile their a fashion statement, all-in-one survival kit, reusable and environmentally friendly, and much much more. Here is just a few things to do with a bandana.

If you need any more ideas Heres
101 (or so) other uses for a Bandana
For the combat minded, the bandana can also be used to 'snag' punches, or be weighted with a handful of coins as and improvised blackjack.
Is it just me, or does the beautiful cat look really unhappy to be wearing a bandana that's been used as a duster? ;-D
Because bandanas (neckerchiefs) are so useful they are part of boy scout uniforms.
Turkish Angorra cat? Very stylish!
Got me? You guess is about as good as mine. He's 11 yard old, solid white medium long hair cat. He mom the a solid white short hair and who knows his.father. His brother was also solid white too.
He's beautiful. I saw on Animal Planet - Cats 101 that most of the long-haired cats in the US with normal faces (not Persian) are decendants of about 2 dozen Turkish Vans and Turkish Angoras brought over about 100 years ago. <br> <br>Our med-long hair rescue cat matches all of the traits of a Turkish Van. I dubbed her the Turkish Feasting Cat for her labrador puppy appetite.

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