Using a Smoothing Iron





Introduction: Using a Smoothing Iron

Smoothing out your hair isn't rocket science but here's a quick tip on achieving that sleek straight hair.

Step 1: What You'll Need

The basics:
1. A smoothing iron
2. A comb

Step 2: Sectioning

My model has short bob so it's quite simple to smooth out. The key to sectioning your hair is first pick your part. After you chosen that the rest is simple. Tie up you hair so you start smoothing from the bottom upward. If you have thin hair 2-3 sections around your head will do, if it's thick I would do 3-4.

Step 3: Smoothing

Now to begin smoothing.
Two key points to remember:
1. The smaller the sections the better the results.

2. Using your comb is very important it helps provide tension and separation so your smoothing iron gets every little kink in your hair.

Step 4: Enjoy

You can style with your fav products and if you get tiny flyaways at the top of your hair I would recommend using a lite styling gel, mousse, or hairspray depending on your preference. Just remember less is more so you can maintain movement in your sleek straight hair



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a smoothing iron, is kind of vague.. what is the specific name of the item used ?

Are there particular smoothing/ straightening products you would recommend paired with this technique? Your model seems to have pretty straight and smooth hair to begin with, but my hair is pretty thick and wants to do all sorts of crazy wavy things! A rotating hot brush is the best thing I've used so far.

Awesome tutorial! The hair looks great!

I just prepaid my hair with the same style and i love it. but it's not beautiful, a little curly and i'm so sad about this.

Not to worry just try taking smaller sections. The smaller pieces of hair you take the better chance you have a not missing anything.