Picture of Using Action Replay Ds with Pokesav and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl
This instructable will teach you how to create action replay codes for pokemon diamond or pearl.

Step 1: Creating the Code.

Picture of Creating the Code.
C:\Users\Michael\Pictures\pokesav storage edit.JPG
C:\Users\Michael\Pictures\pokesav blastoise.JPG
C:\Users\Michael\Pictures\pokesav 2.JPG
Ok now if you want max money you would go to money and type in 999999, or if you want to edit the pokemon in bebe's pc you go to
storage edit, than click on box and go to the box you want. now you click on pokemon 1 edit. If you want a level 100 shiny blastoise it would look like the photo. then click ok. you can do up to five at a time. be sure to put the name in as original name or it will show up as ????????
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Invader Biz3 years ago
nice thx
kcolclough4 years ago
how do you download it?

sk8er9999454 years ago
How do i get pokesave???
ccrocker585 years ago
There's a lot more to making pokemon with Pokesav tradable/usable online (Battle Revolution, GTS, etc.). Without Action Replay DSi or some way to look at your games save file in Pokesav, it can be very difficult to create a poke that will successfully fool the game. The best way to do this is to work off of one of your own pokemon. Copy the game to your pc, open it with pokesav, and take a look around at your pokemon. From my own experience, making Pokemon to be traded on the GTS is harder than making ones that can be used on online battling. I'm guessing this is to help keep people from getting hacked Poke's.  But really, why trade when you can just create whatever Pokemon you want? For making them online battle ready, the main things to focus on are the pokemons PID, EV's, and IV's. As long as they're within reasonable ranges, and the PID matches the IV's, your pokemon should be good to go for battling.
I was going to use this to make a pokemon team so I could test them out before training them, but the codes I make don't work. D:
I made my dream team so im waiting 4 my birthday in 2 weeks to try and get an AR to put them on my game trade them to my actual pearl not the r4 ones and beat my friend who we r equaly matched with each other
ive downloaded Pokesav and ive filled in wat i want ive made my dream team but wen i try to put the cheats into my R4 cheat editor it comes up with letters that u get from the alt 313 thing and that

do i need an actual AR to make the codes work or is there an easyer way becoz i cant even get my R4 Cheat Editor to work either
how do i make codes?
554972146 years ago
how do i make my codes???????
and how do you get this on the DS.i could understand if it was used for an emulater (if i spelled the right) i could understand other than that its awesome
it makes action replay codes for the AR.
killa111728 years ago
um it wont trade over the world wide it wont let me the pokemon i got off this program
Hello, This is blatant cheating, which Nintendo does not support. They specifically banned trading these pokemon, so you'll never trade them without using some other cheat. Seriously though, do you really need to cheat. This takes all of the fun out of the game.
so you can mess with people. and i have traded pokemon from pokesav before.
adiseshu37 years ago
i only wanted an arcanine but i still get bad eggs instead please tell me why asap
because bad egg will probably hatch into an arcanine.
how long will it take to hatch?
they dont hatch. they're a glitch. they dont do anything but take up space. if you use the fast egg hatch code, it will hatch into a missingno that only takes up space.
Braeburn6 years ago
I already made codes with pokesav for pokemon platinum :P
How do you download Pokesav?
Foaly76 years ago
What is Pokesav and where can you get it?
pennock57 years ago
how do you get wi-fi?
ray zak7 years ago
how do you activate mystery gift codes
go to www.pokesav.org look on the left side in the second group and it should say mistery gift click on it and it should tell what to do hope it works good luck
it didnt work
thanks good buddy
pennock57 years ago
what's the activation code for pearl? please help help!
pokeman57 years ago
how do ya get the download?
go to 4shared.com and search pokesav . then click on pokesav 3.8 english.exe
adiseshu37 years ago
every time i press L+R to get my pokemon i get a bad egg instead why?
trb5557 years ago
the pokemon i got was so cool ()..)()
Funnymancam7 years ago
Is the download free?
powertaker57 years ago
i want pokesav but how??? pst if u know
ok go to 4shared.com and search pokesav . then click on pokesav 3.8 english.exe now if you have any questions e-mail me at rios96@yahoo.com : )
iritegood7 years ago
Here's the 'official' pokesav help website. You can download, and learn how to use pokesav there. They even have a forum. http://www.pokesav.org
dracgo20037 years ago
do you know how to download pokesav? oh and tell me asap.
awsome7 years ago
AJ9877 years ago
how do you get on pokesav?
maleo7 years ago
So basically how does pokesav works, can the code that is generate be put on a Action Replay? If it works will it affect the code that are already in the Action Replay? If not GREAT!
maleo7 years ago
Umm do you need to download pokesav on your pc in order to create your own code?
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