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Building a stand-alone AVR ATMEGA project sometimes leaves you with no easy to read output from your project. But you can use an Arduino to act as a communications bridge between your embedded project and your PC's Serial Monitor program!

I'm building an embedded multi-channel thermocouple reader/datalogger, which has a lot of connections and soldering, thus many opportunities for problems!

Since this is an embedded application, and the project itself does not incorporate a USB connection, this left me without any easy communications to my Arduino's IDE Serial Monitor.

Using an Arduino UNO board, I was able to communicate from my embedded project, through the Arduimo board, then to my PC's Serial Monitor, which helped me a lot!

I'm not finished yet with my datalogger project, so I can't post it here yet, but I thought others might find the ability to communicate between their embedded project and their PC worth knowing about, so I'm posting that information now!

Here's the link to the information.

I was going to upload some images, but the 'upload' isn't working right now.


PushkarK12 (author)2017-12-20

what is the price of this project.

javaben (author)PushkarK122017-12-20

PushcarK12, this is instructions on how to communicate with an Arduino. It isn't a kit or anything, it's just instructions. So, you would need to purchase your own devices; I don't sell kits or anything.

Thanks for your interest in this project!

sandyrol (author)2016-05-09

It looks great

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