on one of the last steps the one that you make the walls, I got confused.could you try going slower?plese?
Ooh, <br>May I ask you if possible, to type out instructions, as I I'm much better at reading with pictures rather than video. Looks like it's great! <br>Thanks
it would be a lot easier to follow, if you made the bottom and top two different colors
this will be quite handy for the cds and dvds, ps2s etc., however not the easiest! great job golics!
What a pretty box! I'll be trying this one for sure, maybe even with smaller circles, if folding the tabs don't turn out to be too difficult at a smaller size.
this is frichen ausome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my bffs are so going to be impressed on this one.
<em>Another one?!</em><br/>Really cool job, this one actually looks really cool/ easy to do, nice job.<br/>

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