Introduction: Using Diode As a Solar Cell

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Here presented is my experiment on working of diode as a solar cell. If we keep diode in sunlight or in the source of light, it will generate volts.

Read the instructable to know how to do this thing.

Step 1: Diodes

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Diodes are like valves of water. The allow to flow the current in only one direction and that is from positive to negative.

This is because they have a depletion layer made when the current tries to flow from negative to positive.

But, How they can Generate Electricity?

Step 2: Connection

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Connect the positive terminal of the diode to the negative terminal of Multi meter.

And connect the negative terminal of diode to positive terminal of Multi meter.

Step 3: Boom

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Now, keep the Diode in full light and you will see that in multi meter shows the voltage.

Here are some markings in the multi meter.

Step 4: For Getting Max Voltage

Picture of For Getting Max Voltage

For getting maximum voltage, you should keep them in series.

Step 5: For Getting Max Current

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For getting maximum current you should keep them parallel connection.


russ_hensel (author)2017-06-08

What sort of current and power can you get?

qdogg (author)2017-06-07

The tiny area of the diode = a very tiny output. You can also grind the case off a transistor to make a phototransistor .

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