Introduction: Using Fusion 360 to Design FDG Handle Tool

Fat Dragon Games makes dungeon terrain, village terrain etc. that can be 3D printed. This handle tool, designed in Fusion 360, makes it easier to hold such a piece while painting it.

If you don't have a 3D printer or any pieces from FDG these instructions can show some basic functionality in Fusion 360 – no prior knowledge is needed.

Fusion 360 is free for students, educators, academic institutions and enthusiasts.

Step 1: Creating the Stand

This video will explain some of the basics of Fusion 360 and provide a step by step guide to designing the stand.

S = Toolbox

Step 2: Designing the Handle

This video will provide a step by step guide to designing the handle, without the top, and some more of Fusion 360's functionality.

Step 3: Designing the Top and Putting It All Together

This video will provide a step by step guide to designing the top and attaching it to the handle.

Also how to export to an .STL file from Fusion 360 into, e.g., Autodesk Print Studio.

Step 4: 3D Printing

My print settings using PLA on a Dremel 3D40 with 0.4 mm nozzle diameter:
220 degrees centigrade
0.3 mm layer height
15 % infill
3 top solid layers
3 bottom solid layers
2 layers outline/permiter shell

Step 5: Attaching the Handle to a FDG Piece

Begin by aligning one side when attaching as in picture two.

Step 6: Painting With the Handle

This tool makes it easier to paint without making a mess. Just place it in the stand to dry when finished painting.


openbuilds made it!(author)2017-02-09


Omnilord made it!(author)2017-02-07

Depending on the 3D printer used the bottom part of the handle that is inserted into the stand might be too tight even if it is an exact fit in Fusion 360. To remedy this, go into Fusion 360:

1. Measure it using the Inspect button (picture 1) – the diameter is 13.20 mm (optional step)
2. Right-click on the extruding part and select Press Pull (picture 2)
3. Set Distance to -0,2 mm og click OK
4. Measure it again (picture 4) – the diameter should now be 12.80 mm (optional step)

If it is still too tight repeat the steps, but to prevent it becoming wobbly when in the stand it is probably best to change it as little as possible.

At the time of posting the instructable it didn’t occur to me include the Fusion 360 file. I will add it as well as .stf files with the 12.80 mm version when the Epilog Contest 8 is finished as I assume I cannot/should not add files to the instructable now as the entry is closed.
DIY+Hacks+and+How+Tos made it!(author)2017-02-07

This is a good idea. I need to start making my own terrain pieces. This would look worlds better than my usual lego block setup.

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