Introduction: Using Google Sketchup: Basic Tools

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Hi, sketchup is not as complicated as you think it may be, try it out with the free download ( i am not advertising and trying to get you to download it because i get money, i am doing this because i think it is a very fun software that you should use!). keep reading to learn the basic points, remember sketchup is 3-D.

Step 1: Square Tool

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title says it all.

Step 2: Circle Tool

Picture of Circle Tool


Step 3: Curve Tool

Picture of Curve Tool

Step 4: Paint Tool

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Step 5: Polygon Tool, a Hexagon

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you can propably change it to a octogon or pentagon but i wont show that because it hardly ever gets used however i will put it up if i get 20 comments or pm's asking.

Step 6: Push/ Pull Tool

Picture of Push/ Pull Tool

Step 7: Goodbye Now!!

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thanx for reading, have fun, if you make something cool, share it!


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