Using Humidity Sensor With 8051 Microcontroller


Introduction: Using Humidity Sensor With 8051 Microcontroller

Physical quantities like Humidity, temperature, pressure etc. are monitored to get information about the environmental conditions. Various sensors are being used to measure these quantities in analog form. This article on Interfacing humidity sensor demonstrates the principle and operation of interfacing the humidity sensor with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51). The humidity sensor is widely used in applications like weather forecast, air conditioner, Hygrometers etc.
Please visit Interfacing humidity sensor for circuit, C code, description and components used.



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    Which humidity sensor is used in this project?

    good to see a project with the 8051. That series (The 8052 AH Basic) was my first love in microcontrollers. Made the switch to Atmel, but sometimes I am yearning back :-)

    Not Bad Dude !
    Thanx For Sharing Anyway ! :)

    Why here? Show it on youtube or smth. No code, no shematic, no nothing (unless one register at another site)

    2 replies

    I agree ....where are the instructions of the project?

    Instructables has the option to post a video, so why post it elsewhere. This is a site dedicated to projects. That is why he posted it here.

    which humidity sensor is this?????

    That's great. Thanks for sharing the video.