down load joy to key from http://joytokey.net/en/download

all photos of jse and miis are not affilalated with jackaboy or Nintendo

Step 1: Next

get a usb game pad

Step 2: Config

press the buttons on the controller so then that when you click the highlighted thing you can con fig with mouse or keyboard

<p>dont click icon.ink it was a failed photo</p>
<p>this is my first instructables so plz sorry about the simplicity </p>
<p>Good first effort. Keep going with it. You only get to be an expert if you keep trying. :) </p>
<p>thank you kind sir </p>
Your welcome. Please don't call me sir, my name is Don. :) What is your name please?
<p>Just call me maker man there is no way how i am going to divulge that</p>
<p>All good mate. :) </p>

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