Using LEGO NXT Robot to Defeat the Many Challenges of Gears of War 3 !





Introduction: Using LEGO NXT Robot to Defeat the Many Challenges of Gears of War 3 !

An NXT LEGO robot is created to help achieve the Gears of War 3 Active reloader achievement.

To do this the traditional  (aka - OMG my fingers are dead inside and I can't move my wrist  ) way, a player
would need to perfectly time and coordinate 4 movements over 75,000 times in a row.

Isn't that why God invented robots for us?  So we don't have to do this kind of thing 75,000 times in a row?

Darn right he did!

Seen here at 10,000 mark and at the final 25,000 perfect reloads mark ( getting the higher level ONYX medal ).

Here are the video links


The NXT system worked beautifully once I converted it over to an AC power converted vs battery power.  The timing was
so precise that he power drop from battery usage would slowly compromise the results so Mr Tesla's AC power came
to the rescue and resulted in a perfect result each time the motors cycled through.

I have also used LEGO NXT to defeat the 'Doorman' achievement in a similar fashion.

Viva the Bricks!



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    Yeah I agree, awesome, but do you think you could take pictures of it being put together?!?!

    Pretty cool idea. Can we get a Step-bt-Step on how you built this?