3-D printing can seem like a daunting and inaccessible task, but it doesn't have to be. In this intractable I will show you how you can use the game Minecraft to build your own printable objects! The best part of this instructable is that the design process is simple and playful enough for even the youngest and oldest persons. Just like you hang your child's drawings on the refrigerator, you can now print their original creations!

Things you will need for this instructable:

-A Minecraft account and login (a one-time payment of $26.95, available at Minecraft.net or borrow a login from someone you know that has one) *As far as I know, this only works on a PC

-[OPTIONAL] Blender editor (a great 3d modeling and editing software), free to download at Blender.org

-access to a 3D printer (here is a good guide if you're in the market for buying one: https://3dforged.com/good-cheap-3d-printers)...ad... you may check around your city for makerspaces that will let you use their printers such as a library or college (but keep in mind they will likely charge you for materials)

Step 1: Log-in to Your Minecraft and Add the Print Server

After following the steps to buying and downloading your game, or if you already own a copy log in to your account through your Minecraft client (you'll want to make sure you have the latest version downloaded).

Once you have the game up to date, press play and bring up the game. You'll find yourself in the main menu of Minecraft now, and you want to click the multiplayer option.

After bringing up the multiplayer menu, it will show a list of "servers" and several options below. Toward the bottom of the screen you will need to press the "add server" button. Now it is time to minimize the game completely.

Open your internet browser and search for Printcraft.org in your search bar. At the top right of the page you will come to, there are 2 lines that say EU and US Minecraft servers. Copy the server address that pertains to you (in my case its us1.printcraft.org)

Bring back up the the Minecraft multiplayer page we were on before and paste the copied address into the server address area. Name the server to indicate it is your 3D printing server.

The printcraft server will now show up on your server list. Simply click the server and continue to the next step by joining the server.

<p>That's a neat way to do it :)</p>

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