Using PSP As Computer Joystick and Then Controlling Your Computer With the PSP





Introduction: Using PSP As Computer Joystick and Then Controlling Your Computer With the PSP

You can do many cool things with PSP homebrew, and in this instructable I cam going to teach you how to use your PSP as a joystick for playing games, but there is also a program that allows you to use your joystick as your mouse.
Here are the materials needed for this instructable:

EDIT: I made this instructable in December of 2006. At the time, 2.8 was the highest firmware that could be downgraded. Check to see the latest version that is able to be downgraded.

A PSP that can have homebrew on it. ( 2.80 or lower firmware)
A wireless router or wireless access point that is already configured on your PSP via infrastructure mode.
The PSP Wifi controller homebrew application
Total Game Control

All of the above are direct links to the download. Here are the websites for those three programs.
PSP Wifi Controller
Total Game Control

Step 1: Installing Wifi Controller on Your PSP

After you have downloaded Wifi Controller, now it is time to install and configure it. First, we need to find your IP address. For this, go to Start-> Run, and type in cmd. Then when command prompt comes up, type in ipconfig. Copy down the IP address. After this, open the Wificontroller zip folder. Extract it to somewhere where you know it is. Then copy the PSP folder (inside 1.0 or 1.5 folder) to the root of your PSP. If you have firmware 1.5, install the 1.5 PSP folder, and if you have 1.00 or 1.51+, install the 1.0 PSP folder. Then open the PSP folder, then Game, then wifi controller on your PSP. After this, click on wifi.cfg and edit it with notepad. Replace "" with the IP address you copied earlier.

Step 2: PPJoy Intallation and Configuring

Install PPJoy. Then go to start- programs- Parallel Port Joystick- Configure Joysticks, or go to Control Panel- Parallel Port Joysticks (in classic view). After that, click on "PPJoy Virtual Joystick1" or if its not there make it yourself. Then click on PPJoy Virtual Joystick1 and click mapping, next, and the following options. (Just look at the pictures)

Axes = 2 (X Axis and Y Axis)
Buttons = 9
POV hats = 1
X Axis = Analog 0
Y Axis = Analog 1
Button 1 = nothing
Button 2 = Digital 0
Button 3 = Digital 1
Button 4 = Digital 2
Button 5 = Digital 3
Button 6 = Digital 4
Button 7 = Digital 5
Button 8 = Digital 11
Button 9 = Digital 10
Directional button POV
North = Digital 6
East = Digital 7
West = Digital 9
South = Digital 8

Now on to testing.

Step 3: Starting on PSP and Testing.

Click the WifiController application inside the PC folder of the WifiController folder. Turn on your PSP. Go to game- memory stick- and then click on wifi controller. Select your connection. Then wifi controller should connect to your computer. If it does not, retry the previous steps or post it in your comment. After this, on control panel (classic view), and click on game controllers. Then click on PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1 and then Properties. After this, pressing buttons on your PSP will make the axes, buttons, or point of view hat move. Try out these and calibrate the PSP analog stick. Your PSP has successfully been connected to your computer. Now to make your PSP a computer mouse and keyboard.

Step 4: Installing and Configuring Total Game Control.

Install Total Game control and then start it. Where it says profile, click new and name it whatever you want (PSP is a good name) On device, click on PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1. Then click on the mouse tab. For left-right movement, click detect. On your PSP, move your analog stick left or right and it should say "Axis_X0". While still holding left or right on the analog stick, uncheck the detect box. Do the same for Up-down movement. Up-down movement should say "Axis_Y0". Then configure the rest of the controls to your preference and click "mouse controls always active".

Step 5: Have Fun.

This is my first instructable and I hope you liked it. If you have any questions please ask them. Thanks.



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    Ok i made all the steps but when I copied the psp file from 1.5 and i paste it on my GAME 150 on my psp it says ''corrupted data'' and I cannot open it ,any ideas what should i do or not to do :D

    1 reply

    Do you have any custom firmware installedd? You need to have a homebrewed PSP to do this.

    I personally think a better way to do this would be to download FuSa Gamepad. It works really well and it's easy.

    is it possible in PSP 6.20 PRO-B5 ?

    hey this is an old 'ible but I was wondering If this will work on my psp 3k 6.20 OFW? I have HBL so I can enable homebrew....

    ugh! this is so annoying! all the instructions are for xp or 2000, i can't figure out a thing on my new vista!

    13 replies

    Whats wrong. And the IP address you need is the one from your router/modem. Not your actual IP address.

    It won't work with vista. The ppjoy can't be added as new hardware. worked in Windows 7,Which is like vista. You must be doing something wrong

    It doesn't matter now. We returned our Vista and got a much better XP for a much better price. And I had a psp 3000 anyway but that doesn't matter either cuz my dog ate it.

    Your dog ate your psp? Its time you eat your dog....Are you Chinese? :P

    lol no. and he just cracked the screen and a few buttons. I suppose I could just get a replacement screen. After it happened i was playing spiderman with just sound, so everything else works.

    heh! i own a dog and he is "afraid" of my psp for some reason... and my bro has broken his psp screen 8 TIMES!

    lucky. he's not afraid of anything, even the vacuum. and 8 time? that's a lot. does he just keep getting new ones?

    Exactly Why I Dont Own A Dog Lol

    *in baby voice*bad little doggy!

    Ya it was depressing...

    install xp as a second os on your hdd so you can do XP stuff