Using PSP as computer Joystick and then controlling your computer with the PSP


Step 1: Installing Wifi Controller on your PSP

Picture of Installing Wifi Controller on your PSP
After you have downloaded Wifi Controller, now it is time to install and configure it. First, we need to find your IP address. For this, go to Start-> Run, and type in cmd. Then when command prompt comes up, type in ipconfig. Copy down the IP address. After this, open the Wificontroller zip folder. Extract it to somewhere where you know it is. Then copy the PSP folder (inside 1.0 or 1.5 folder) to the root of your PSP. If you have firmware 1.5, install the 1.5 PSP folder, and if you have 1.00 or 1.51+, install the 1.0 PSP folder. Then open the PSP folder, then Game, then wifi controller on your PSP. After this, click on wifi.cfg and edit it with notepad. Replace "" with the IP address you copied earlier.
Damnielo5 years ago
vista is dead no sirve en vista
antiflag1808 years ago
i have a question.... in the notepad file, does the file should only say: address=192.168.bla.bla. and thats all ? cuase it says that it should not have any spaces before or after the = sign