Using PSP as computer Joystick and then controlling your computer with the PSP


Step 2: PPJoy Intallation and Configuring

Picture of PPJoy Intallation and Configuring
Install PPJoy. Then go to start- programs- Parallel Port Joystick- Configure Joysticks, or go to Control Panel- Parallel Port Joysticks (in classic view). After that, click on "PPJoy Virtual Joystick1" or if its not there make it yourself. Then click on PPJoy Virtual Joystick1 and click mapping, next, and the following options. (Just look at the pictures)

Axes = 2 (X Axis and Y Axis)
Buttons = 9
POV hats = 1
X Axis = Analog 0
Y Axis = Analog 1
Button 1 = nothing
Button 2 = Digital 0
Button 3 = Digital 1
Button 4 = Digital 2
Button 5 = Digital 3
Button 6 = Digital 4
Button 7 = Digital 5
Button 8 = Digital 11
Button 9 = Digital 10
Directional button POV
North = Digital 6
East = Digital 7
West = Digital 9
South = Digital 8

Now on to testing.

salavong6 years ago
I got to testing it, but it seems that my PSP isn't sending anything to my PC. Or it could be that my CFW doesn't work with this? I did put it in the GAME150 folder.
Devildice956 years ago
Please i just have a Question everytime i click Mapping it said " Cannot Read Mappings from joystick please i really need your help.
Did Windows detect a new hardware? Because when I got to this step, I didn't have PPJoy Virtual joystick 1, so I had to make it myself. Once I did, Windows detected it and I tried to click on Mapping, but it gave me the same error so I let Windows install the driver first. After that, I clicked on Mapping and it works fine.
nateh202 (author)  Devildice956 years ago
Hmm.. is it recognizing the PSP?