Step 10: "I need a weapon."

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What?! You've got a whole suit of armor! Now you want a freaking gun too? Well...

...I'll give you the link to that Instructable when I get there. :D


recon marine cove weps and marine weps every thing can be found here stop asking for gods sake
I found everything for reach here:

it has weapons, character specific parts, and just about everything else
your right. THAT site awsome! not only do you get the best wepons you get the best armor and all types!!!!!!!
Automobilie4 years ago
And this is where you install an airsoft FAMAS into the body and sell it for $$.
Im actually pretty sure the assault rifle from reach was loosely based off it.
ZOMG!!! his wide eyes make him look like he's thinking "oh my god he's naked!!!" lolololololol xD
Jake Turner (author)  bojangles1414 years ago
Dude, wtf are you talking about?
wilsonater6 years ago
I'd firstly like to say, this is awsome! Secondly... a quick question. I can't find this helmet anywhere on the internet. I have downloaded 'Pepakura Viewer', however I cannot find anywhere that has the nets available to download to be used with 'Pepakura Viewer'. If you have the nets available for me to use with this program, or if you know where i can get them, please could you PM me, or send me an e-mail at lukewilson999@hotmail.com.
coleycole5 years ago
Awsome i want it
i love you thank you so much
Jake Turner (author)  kadidlehopper7 years ago
You are quite welcome.(and a little creepy since I have no clue as to your gender... xD) And to answer your earlier comment, you can't save your resizing in the trial version of pepakura designer. Big bummer, but if you get it right the first time, it won't matter. Unless you plan to make 3 suits at once. Then it may be a pain.
hes a guy
Iridium77 years ago
do you put the resin on the gun and didn't worry about the fiberglass or did you put on the fiberglass on then closed it up and put on the resin???HOW DID YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nick-dawg7 years ago
Dude doen't get better then that does it? do you have a pepakura design or a way to make that radical gun?
tch.2.07 years ago
Hay, it's me again. If you want, I can give you the specs for the P46 Hand gun in trade. from tch.2.0
tch.2.07 years ago
Hay man, love the halo3 gear you made. I'm a huge fan. I'm making a a Master Chief suite for me nephew,and I was wondering how to get the specs for the MA5C Assault Rifle you made? Please e-mail me at ( tech.2.0@comcast.net ) P.S. thanks for all the help.
ChiefNinja7 years ago
What Is The Link For The Layout For The Gun Assult Rifle??? I Made The Suit.. Its Awsome, And Now I Want A Weapon To Go With It.. If You Could Tell Me The Website for The Assult Rifle, That Would Be Great Thanks!
Jake Turner (author)  ChiefNinja7 years ago
I've said it many a time, and I'll say it once more. Go to the forums at 405th.com. Sign up while you're there and tell em Dr. Professor sent ya.
OH!!! Ok Thanks A Lots... Looks Hard To Make But Ill Do It. ALso Has A Cool Clip on it.. AWSOOME... THanks!!!
gameboy7oa7 years ago
the one I'm making out of cardstock is more detailed than that where did u get the pepekura for it?
Noremac777 years ago
Oh... you're making an Assault Rifle... cool... where were you like two months ago when I started my own? I made mine out of a 2x10 piece of treated lumber... I've got all of my pictures from the Assault Rifle and my as of today, completed helmet on my facebook account... you on facebook? oh... you might want a barrel to go with that, it lacks the "I"m gunna kill you" feeling...