Step 3: Setting up and printing

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Ok, now that you've installed Pepakura Designer and downloaded your .pdo files, it's time to open Pepakura Designer. So open it up, go to file, and click Open. Point the file browser to the folder you stashed those .PDO files in. For this step I'll be using the Right-Bicep file. Open up Right-Bicep.pdo and you will see two sub-windows. On the left, you have a 3D model of what you will be making. On the right you'll notice a grid with odd-looking pieces in each cell. What you see is the magic of Pepakura Designer 2. It takes 3D models, and through user-manipulation, creates 2D pieces that can be printed on paper, then cut apart, folded, and glued together to create 3D pieces. I'll get to that in the next step so for now let's focus on getting this to paper.

Once you've opened the .pdo file, you'll want to click on the "BothWindows" tab and uncheck "use materials for faces". this will make the printed pieces while as opposed to gray, saving you ink. Don't mention it.

Now you'll need to specify your paper size. if you're using A4 size paper, then skip to the next step. Otherwise, listen up. Click on "Configuration" in the toolbar, then click on "Print and Paper Configuration". In this example, I will be using Letter size(8.5x11 inches) paper. Select "Letter" from the Size drop-down menu, and adjust both margins to 5 mm. Hit OK and notice that those pieces on the right side of the screen are now jumbled up out of their page boundaries. While you might be compelled to re-arrange them, it is not that time yet.

To make the completed Pepakura piece scaled to fit your body type, you'll need to do a little math. I learned the following formula from the 405th.com forums. Measure your height in inches (I'm 6 foot even, so that's 72 inches). Then add 3 inches to that measurement.(for me, 75 inches). Divide that by 86(75/86=0.872093). Then multiply that number by the scale of the current piece you are working on (Right Bicep's scale is 30.342, so 30.342x0.872093=26.461045). Take that last number(26.461045), go to 2DPatternWindow, then click "scale up/down development by specifying value...". Highlight that current scale and replace it with the one you just calculated.

Now all the pieces have moved again. Aren't you glad you held back from moving pieces the first time? So to finish up, you'll need to get all the pieces into their page squares. To aid this, click "Configuration" and click "Show Only 2DPatternWindow". Now you have a larger screen area to move these pieces in. By scrolling the scroll wheel, you can zoom in and out. Right clicking and dragging the mouse moves the camera view, and left clicking on a piece and dragging moves the piece.

Now, pretend you're 6 years old again. Remember those lines between the sidewalk? You know, the ones that you couldn't touch for some unspecified -yet given- reason? It's the same deal here. You don't want the individual pieces touching the grid lines. So get all the pieces off those lines, and keep them from touching each other. If they do touch the lines, they will be cut into pieces between sheets, meaning you'll have to rejoin em later. It's up to you how many sheets of paper you want these pieces to print out on. If you want one piece per sheet, that's fine, but it takes up extra paper. If you can manage to get two on a sheet, saving one sheet, Greenpeace will love you.

So once you have all your pieces arranged, it's time for one last detail. Click "File", got to "Printer Setup" and change orientation to landscape. Just to make sure you've got this right, check "Print Preview" out. as long as all the pieces look whole, you've done good. Time to print! (If PD2 says "A part of development may not fit into printable area" and asks to scale, click "No")
AnthonyR77 months ago

im having serious issues with this. it seems the program wants to scale it down to fit it on my paper, but the only problem is it wants to print it out in landscape when if it just realized it could print it out in portrait it would be fine, but if i switch it to portrait it just screws everything up. is there a mode to just rotate everything including the pages or something so i dont have to spend an annoyingly long time fixing this manually since the program clearly isnt smart enough to realize it can just print it all sideways?

noodlecake7 months ago

Is there a way that I can export all of these as individual images? I have made a model and the pieces take up about four sheets. I need to send the files to my University printers because they have special paper but an image export puts all of your bits into one big file! And you're limited to a certain resolution too, so I can't export at 300 DPI and then manually copy the four quarters of the image into separate images for printing very easily.

JorgeA39 months ago

What do I do if the parts in the print preview are not whole? Please Help!

wesley.pipkin11 months ago

so i did this and it definitely made the prices smaller (i'm 6'3" so i used 78 inches. 78 / 86 = 0.906976... 0.906976 x 13.574948(the scale of the helmet) = 12.31216.... and my head is HUGE!!! i mean big. i wear a 7 and 5/8 inch hat easily.. any ideas how to measure JUST for helmet sizing purposes?


jgderuvo7 years ago
Jake, great instructable. However, I'm a tad fuzzy on the scale issue. Where did you get the scale of each part? Sure wish you used the helmet as an example instead of the bicep! Thanks.
Jake Turner (author)  jgderuvo7 years ago
Quite simple. Check the reply to your comment on my orangeboard. :D but to summaraize: You get the scale of the current pepakura piece by going to "scale development up/down by specifying number", and noting the number in the bottom blank. Ok, so maybe to quote...
Hey Jake, I'm sort of clueless with this pepakura viewer mumbo-jumbo, and I don't even know if you'll answer this :b But where exactly do I find the "Scale development up/down by specifying number"? I can't seem to find it anywhere... I'm using the version 3.0.4 or something (the latest as of my posting date). Thanks mate!
Qidlo5 years ago
Hey EVERYONE. You don't need to arrange the parts on the pages by hand, click the "recalculate parts layout" button (looks like 4 sheets of paper arranged together) , then click "Manual, then make sure the "Scale" is set to your height in inches. Also, the whole calculation thing is unnecessary if you are using the PDO by ROBOGENESIS. Just replace the 86.00000 with your height in inches.
GamerGear6 years ago
I have a question how do you print individual pieces using pepakura? say you messed up a piece and need to reprint just that one piece or say you printed all of the pages except the last page of pepakura files because your printer ran out of ink? lol
Divinus6 years ago
Where did the 86 come from? I understand how it works, but the 86 bugs me because I don't know where it came from. Thanks!
RC-0720 Divinus6 years ago
the 86 is the height that MC is. it was what they scaled the armor as. technically, his full height, minus armor, would be 84, but the 2 extra inches are the bulk of the armor adding up.
oaky86 years ago
OK so I printed out the helmet and glued it up, but it does not fit!!! like my head wont fit threw to opening. i scaled it to 23.4621. i am 5" 5.5', i also added only an inch for extra room. what did i do wrong? i can't register for the 405th forum so i have to ask here.. very nice Instructable by the way. I had found all of this into on the 450th, that took a lot longer than reading this.
RC-0720 oaky86 years ago
okay mate, the solution is pretty easy: you misscaled it.
for scaling, you take your average height, which, for you, I would say would be 66", plus at least 2 inches, to give room for the bulk of the armor, which would result to 68". next, divide your number, 68, by 86. take the result, and multiply it by the number that the automatic scaling thing gives you. replace that number with the new number, then shift your armor pieces around, then print. if it still doesn't work, I would suggest that you go for the armor pieces by Robogenesis on this site:

it should give you better stuff, with slightly more details. good luck.
how do you glue the paper together?
I would suggest that you try Elmer's glue. it works.
curtreid86 years ago
hi this instrucable is pro, hovever i have a problem, ive made my helm, but when i try and make the chest piece the numbers dont match up what i mean is 100 on one side is big and 100 on another piece is really small so it doesnt match up ? ? ? im reaalyy confused
Halotriple37 years ago
hey jake, so i made the chest and the crotch, but they're way to small,and dont fit together. I followed all of the instructions. i even cut some parts of it so it would fit. i dont get it. my friend is also making one, and his fits perfectly. what did i do wrong?
Jake Turner (author)  Halotriple37 years ago
What do you mean, they don't fit together? If you're trying to have the top of the crotch piece touch the chest armor, then that's what you're doing wrong, since there's space between them when you wear them. Lemme know if you mean they don't actually fit on your body.
well, does ajusting the scale to the printer shrink it? cause i did that on accident.
Jake Turner (author)  Halotriple37 years ago
Yeah, messin with the scale on the printer side of things will mess up the pepakura. Looks like you got new armor to make. :P
phinns19887 years ago
what if I'm on my laptop and I dont have a printer saved to it. I tried saving to my flashdrive but it wont work
Jake Turner (author)  phinns19887 years ago
If you mean you can't save changes to the pepakura file, you simply can't. The trial version won't let you save changes.
EleMeNt7787 years ago
Thank you so so much!!!
EleMeNt7787 years ago
hey, I tried to print it out right now and it cut off pretty much everything. Why did it do that? None of the pieces were touching the grid lines. Help me out Please!!!
Jake Turner (author)  EleMeNt7787 years ago
You may need to change the orientation settings for your printer. Click File, then go to Printer Setup or something similar. Change the orientation for the paper from portrait to landscape, or vice versa. That should fix your dismembered pieces.
flamerz147 years ago
How do you measure this part for MC's helmet?
Jake Turner (author)  flamerz147 years ago
use the formula i described. take your height in inches, add 3 to it. divide by 86. multiply by the helmet's original scale(i think it's 30.342). That's your scale. You will find that some pieces of the helmet around the opening might need to be cut off to get it on your head.
Is it me or did the size of the helmet just shrink from the original? Original: 39.1 x 27.8 x 40.7 my calculations(i'm about 68inches): 26.7 x 23.2 x 34.0