Step 5: Resining the Pepakura

Picture of Resining the Pepakura
Now comes the messy part. You need to resin the outside, to build up more strength, before resining and fiberglassing the inside. You'll want 30 free minutes for this. In this process, resin is in charge of your time. Once you've mixed it up, you have about 12 minutes to use it before it forms globs.

So to start, find an area that you can stink up with chemicals. A garage or covered outdoor area will work. Follow suit by donning a glove or two and a facemask/respirator. Lay out a few sheets of newspaper(one on top of the other) on your workplace to catch any drips. Make sure your Pepakura piece is fully taped/glued together. Once you've made sure it won't come apart during resining, you can mix up the resin in a container. I use the lid from a quart can of resin, lined with aluminum foil. Follow your resin's instructions for mixing in hardener. I use 6 tablespoons of resin at a time, because I can use it up before it gets useless. Once you have it mixed, dip a 1-inch wide brush(or an old spatula) into the resin and coat the Pepakura. Coat it all over(except the inside), and if you still have some left over, brush it where you started on the first layer. Try not to let any runs or drips form, that makes for extra sanding to do later.
WKD_Side4 years ago
Hey man i used 140 gsm card i'm worried that it will warp when i apply the resin. Do you think its a valid worry or am i being paranoid about destroying my hard work :P
dspartan4 years ago
what resin do you use? can i use aqua resin from michaeles?
Great 'ible!

A trio of wuick questions:

How strong is the resin/fiberglass combination?

Can it withstand being bumped, scraped and hugged?

Is the final product water proof/water resistant?

Keep up the good work,
waka waka7 years ago
does the resin go in the inside or out side nad do u take the paper out after words
 The resin will stick to the paper like  paint, so no you can't take it out. It becomes one piece.

You may be thinking of molding which I'm not familiar with, but in that case you could.
you resin the out side and the paper doesn't come out. once its been resined your not getting it back
EleMeNt7787 years ago
I went to wal-mart and home depot and they both dont have the bondo resin and fiberglass. Home depot had a resin and fiberglass mixture. Will that work for it?
Is that a topographical map made with cardboard? That's awesome. Anyways, I think it's really funny/cute to see pictures of a buff manly-man making paper-crafts(which before this step, is basically what you were doing). later
Jake Turner (author)  shimmeringfae7 years ago
Buff manly-man. Best comment I've had in a while, thanks! :D (I could've done videos of me cutting the stuff out while explaining techniques, but I don't wanna revoke my Dude status anytime soon.) I guess you could call it a topographical map of a 3D object, but since it has depth and dimension, I'd just call it manly papercraft. -Jake