Step 8: Spray-can action!

Picture of Spray-can action!
Ok, here comes the fun part. If your piece will need extra details, like the vent cuts in a helmet or you need to remove parts to fit your body, it's best to make those cuts now, while you don't have paint to scratch up. So once your piece has all it's holes cut and unneeded pieces removed, it's paint time!

Clean off any dust on the piece and prime it. LET THE PRIMER DRY. if you don't, you could get wrinkles with the next coat. Once it's dried, color it pretty. Remember to keep the spray can at least 8 inches away from the piece at all times. Last thing you'll want as far as you've come is paint running down the piece. If you have to rest a piece on a side while it dries, paint the side that'll be facing up, and paint the other side once the first painting has dried. If you feel a 2nd coat of paint would suit the piece, go ahead and add it.
bclinton5 years ago
Definitely the one without the flash, the one with the flash gets rid of all of the shine and gloss and makes it look like poo.
omg ITS BUTIFUL im sitting here while it prints out i love you for posting these instructions