Want to increase the traffic to your Instructables from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo?

This Instructable provides tips and hints on how to optimise your Instructables to boost them up search results pages. Doing so is very worthwhile considering that more than 60% of Instructable's traffic comes from search engines.

If you already know what SEO is and why you're interested, skip to Step 5 for the how.

Step 1: What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optomisation.

It is the process of changing the code and content of a page to make it more search engine friendly. By making changes to a web page that take SEO into consideration, that web page can be made to be displayed higher up a list of search results in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Wikipedia has a much more complete explanation. The second and third paragraphs are particularly pertinent.

Many things affect how high up search pages a web page comes, this Instructable looks only at the factors that YOU the author can change or influence. A lot of behind the scenes magic is already done by Instructables to cater to the search engine crawlers and the fact that Instructables links to and is linked to by so many other sites also helps make it a good place to publish work to get it seen instead of a small personal website or blog.

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<p>If you're building something like solar panels and selling a kit then Instructables would be the perfect platform. If you're a local business then you would be better off being super creative in your post.</p>
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<p>I belive SEO will be more tough after Google release the penguin 3</p>
<p>great article, but SEO isn't an exact science, worth keeping in mind!</p>
<p>This is a great article but I would agree with robindallaway that its far from an exact science. Make sure you have the patience to wait out the storm if you want organic traffic. In the end it is worth it but some verticals can take years to show great results. </p>
<p>Great post! I've folllowed instructables for years but only just started trying to write some. This post is well done and helpful.</p>
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This is a bit confusing. SO to get more views and move up the ladder in a google search . First thing you have to do is make a title for your instructable out of words that are popular search words? Lets use my &quot;how to build a 12x20 cabin on a budget&quot; as an example . I googled how to build a cabin and up came my ilible .Top of the list. woohhooo i was excited. But can you explain why? was it how i worded or the words in my title ? or was it the keywords that i added before i published it ? <br> This is the hardest part for me actually than making the ilible . I start stumbling when im going for a title . What keywords do i use ? <br> I am starting to use the google keyword tool . I have a list that i save for key words that i found that are that are popular with low comp. They are small words like time,how to make,create,build,. I have to put those words into my title ? or can they go into the keywords?
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I didn't know that seo is so powerful, thanks :)
Seo is actually a long-term ( even permanent sometimes ) process . You need vision , strategy and a lot of hand work to make it happen.
Don't forget Pinterest as a fantastic source of incoming links. Make your images pretty enough that people will want to pin them, and you've got a whole army of people who will SEO for you.
In my experience pinterest is REALLY poor for getting click throughs. Pinterest make it really hard to see what the link to the original source is and most of the content on pinterest is just consumed on pinterest. People just want to look at cool pictures, they rarely want to go see how it works.
I'm getting great traffic from Pinterest on my DIY site. And it's increasing. Have patience.
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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Seo is very important , good article , keep posting
truly eye opening<br>
Thanks. If you're interested in the subject more generally, have a search in google and read a bit more in depth. It's quite interesting!
Great Instructables, full of useful info! Thanks for putting it up!
You're welcome.
Thank you! I am studying this instructable. :)
Outstanding intro to SEO, and timely for a project I'm doing now! Thanks so much!
It is the first time that I have heard of this nice feature. We can all benefit from your tutorial. Great work!
Great work, thank you ever so much for this information.

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