I've always wanted a fuzzy hoodie! You know, made out of plush fur? Like you skinned a muppet?
I've also always wanted a hoodie with cute ram horns. You know, like little plush ram horns?

The BetaBrand contest is a perfect it for me to try and make my design real. I'm going to work from the provided contest flats to make my hoodie! You can download those here!

Step 1: Editing the Lineart

 Pullover hoodies always mess up my hair!! I want to add a zipper. 

I'm going to use the pencil tool in black to add a zipper. I'm going to make sure Y symmetry is turned on - either by pressing the "Y" key on the keyboard, or hitting this button in the top toolbar:

Then I'm going to take my pencil and run in down the middle while holding the SHIFT key. This makes the line I draw stay perfectly straight! Bam! My zipper looks good. 
Then I'll zoom in using the SPACEBAR key, and erase some of the original lines to make my zipper look like it really belongs. I'll even draw a little pull.

Then I'll draw my ram horns!! Since symmetry is still on, SketchBook will mirror my horns on the other side perfectly.
can any pro user email me this pattern to cut and stitch it for a practice ? <br>adilumar888@hotmail.com
Dude looks sick im going ti try it out
great instructable looks good... now i just have to get the software
my sketchbook software came free (photoshop elements also in pkg) with a bamboo drawing pad, $70 if you like the feel of a pen instead of a mouse, works out cheaper than buying the software alone...

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